what's that word again?

amusing (adj.)

1. pleasantly entertaining or diverting
2. causing laughter or mirth; humorously entertaining
3. how delena sees the top keywords in any google search that leads to iGoddess

so i have this hit counter hidden somewhere here on iGoddess. at first it was just a useful little tool to see how far and wide i could spread the pronoiafunk of iGoddess. then i started to get curious about all the little features on this teenie guerilla counter. and lo, i found the fun and miracle of "location" and "referrals."

location is fun because i can actually see where in the world the Fans of Funk truly are, right down to latitude and longitude. we here at iGoddess get visitors everywhere from right next door, to Shanghai, Jerusalem, Rome, Ontario (*waves at boho mom!*), Queensland (*waves at dizzy!*), Kamataka (india), and many more places. tons of places. it's fun, sometimes, to see just who's catching the warm and juicy center of iGoddess deliciousness.

the referral button's the most fun, too. it shows me just what web pages led viewers to this blog. "igoddess" is the #1 keyword used to find this blog, naturally. it's the #1 listing in a google search, which is quite an accomplishment, i'm proud to say. personally, i take up slots #1, 2, 4, and 8 on a google search using the keyword "igoddess." and while #8 isn't this blog, persay, it's still me.

next to "igoddess," however --which is the name of this blog and so i wonder if it should really count-- the #1 keyword(s) used to find this blog is "big fat blowjob."

i know. you're probably sitting there going, "wtf?"

i think it's utterly hilarious.

dirty-minded and randy individuals looking for a good time with a little fellatory visual stimulation are usually sorely disappointed when their search leads them to iGoddess. not only that, but while they might be looking for any mention of phallic mastery of lips and tongue, they usually trip over this entry instead. mama always said life was like a big fat blowjob, but that's not quite what they had in mind!

i suppose it's a compliment. you wouldn't believe how many people out there --and where they are-- actually are googling fallatio. well, maybe you would. but still! in a pronoiac frame of mind, i'm really not expecting to find people opening up the iGoddess in search of oral delights. mental delights, perhaps, and definitely spiritual Funk.

then again, i suppose once you've grasped the nature of pronoia, it kinda feels just as orgasmic...


Ravyn said...

Should I stop reading your blog at work? *grins* after all don't want any of that orgasmic goodness affecting work and getting me fired...though it might also get my promoted...all of my bosses (and 95% of the rest of the staff I work with) are male.

Ahhh well what the hell keep up the orgasmoliciousness.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the giggles. Aren't people strange creatures? LOL

*Waves back*