i follow tony robbins on twitter, and earlier he asked what we would do if we knew this was our last day here. i've heard that question before. we all have. it's everywhere. but for some reason, tonight i thought about it.

if i only had 24 hours, i'd call someone up and confess i'm falling in love. nothing huge, nothing grandiose. just quiet, and warm, and there. i'd fill up the Funkmobile and drive to the coast, sit at Hug Point on the huge rock at the south end and write haiku. i'd call up suzi and *t* and li'l *c* and tell them how much i love and miss them. i'd fix myself a huge, honkin' plate of spaghetti and say to hell with celiac disease. oh! and cake. yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting. i'd buy neat new toys for my cat and give him catnip and just give him the happiest day with me he's ever had.

the next, natural question is, "so then why aren't you doing those things now? why wait until your last day on earth?"

well, to be honest, aside from the whole eating spaghetti and confessing something akin to love (which is probably more like trust, which considering it's me we're talking about, it's probably even more miraculous), i already do those things. i call up the people i love. i tell them i love and miss them. i make sure my kitty is the happiest kitty on the planet. everything else takes care of itself.

right now, i should be taking care of me. and i'm tired. i'm headed to bed.


Tori said...

Sleep well. <3

Kavindra said...

Congratulations! What a delicious and affirming thing to realize about yourself and your life.

Brandi said...

the thing with that question is there's a finite end. And I'd live my life differently knowing that it was about to end.

I'd rather live my life like I'm LIVING, not preparing to leave. ya know???

but I get the overall gist and you know what, I let the people that matter know they matter already, like you do. I don't think I'd do much different. I'd spend the time with jason and my dogs and my family because in the end, that's what matters most-love.

Genie Sea said...

So you're exactly where you should be. Isn't that grand?

Oh and I beg to differ. My kitty is the happiest kitty on the planet! :) hehehe