y'know, i used to post here daily.

when i thought about it, my first response was that maybe i just don't have as much to say as i used to. but immediately afterwards, i thought maybe it was simply that i'm not so self-absorbed as to think so many people would be interested in what i have to say. that probably makes a lot more sense.

the life isn't so chaotic, really. i still spend copious amounts of time at my computer, but it's devoted to classwork, and homework, and research. and when i'm not slaving to school, i'm reading articles on how to be a better writer, or making the rounds on other authors' blogs to try and build my presence online under my pen name.

i really miss blogging. i do. i kinda miss all the f-bombs i used to drop, too.


Mitchell said...

Dear Goddess,

Send all future f-bombs to 750words.com.

If you set your sharing to whatever makes it public (mine is wholly private), you can become a better write by developing a daily habit as well as drop f-bombs willy-nilly. If it turns out you actually DON'T want others to read this stuff, simply turn of sharing.

Why 750words.com and not your blog? No reason. Every reason. Change of scenery = change of focus.

"Blogging" carries the baggage of responsibility to others.

"Journalling" extends the brass ring of looking out for yourself.

You my have seen my post on it. You also know how I feel about blogging and creativity. So this is, as always, just my take on things.



Delena Silverfox said...

Hey Mitch!

Actually, I really like this idea. I started blogging back in 2000 because writing in a physical journal never worked for me, or a locked diary (aww, how cute...). I was blogging online before there were blogs; I just created a new page on my website for each entry.

I think it was writing online that helped with a lot of things, and getting feedback from people. But you're right. Over the years, it's become less about writing for me and more about obligation, which completely makes the desire to write go limp.

I just signed up for 750words.com I'ma see how it goes. Thanks!