There is wisdom in Facebook

This just in, by me, on another friend's FB post about saying no.

"Perhaps, then, my goal should not just be to learn to say yes and no when and how I want, but to make sure I do not waver when the insensitive, narcissistic jerks of the world pressure me to serve their egos. And to be unafraid of the waves it'll cause."

Because I do. I cave in for the sake of peace, to be "Fix-It Girl," to make them happy at the expense of my self-respect, because I am able to compromise more than they are. Well, fuck it, and fuck them. If they can't hear my polite no, then I don't need to hear their petulant inner toddler.

My inner Vulture Goddess screeches her approval, and for now does not eat anyone's liver.

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Mitchell Allen said...

Here is the thing about wavering in the shadow of consequences: one's ability to tilt at the windmill of indifference depends on the size of the nature-nurture lance with which one parries.

Upbringing may brainwash some of us into accepting horrible strictures vis-à-vis obedience. This happens on BOTH sides of the conversation:
HE: Do me a solid.
SHE: No.
SHE: (Whimpering) Oh, all right!

On the one hand, there are those who brook no challenge to their perceived authority. On the other, there are those who can't get past that perception, simply because they have been taught that it is correct.

Neither side is helped by this current attitude of media entitlement. Celebrities are forced to apologize for speaking their minds. Politicians are taken to task for (not) supporting a specific agenda.

Whether you liked Bush or not, you had to admire his fuck-you attitude in his second term. We all need to stand up for ourselves and allow others to do the same.