maybe there's a light --finally-- at the end of this tunnel.  last night i turned in my final assignment for my statistics class.  right now i'm sitting at a 82.88%, pulled up from a 78.3% three weeks ago.  there's still last week's grades and group project scores not entered, so i'm not out of the woods yet. but at least the oppressive stress and resulting physical depression are lifting.

ps. thost group projects?  yeah, did both of them myself.  turns out this most recent one last week is because, of all my group members, i was the only one left. everyone else had dropped out.


Mitchell said...

You know what? You've already passed, in my eyes. You should be proud of yourself.

Especially for outlasting and outwitting your opponents. Wait, that's the other big S.



Jane said...

This is the Diva I like to see...digging in and not quiting. Way to go!

Linda said...

Of course I'm a bit late to the Statistics game, so I already know about the percentage...Congrats, Delena!

There's nothing like hard work and intentional effort to get us where we want to go.


Soul Funk Goddess said...

=) Thanks, everyone. It means a lot.