Okay, so I just got an email from a publishing company to which I had submitted a novelette about six months ago. Of course, I heard nothing back from them, so I figured it was rejected.  Well, this email of theirs told me that it was a shame they hadn't received the contract they'd sent me, or heard of my acceptance to their offer. So I immediately emailed them to tell them I hadn't received anything.  But I was in their accepted folder.  

I might still have a contract.  Cross your fingers. Pray for me. Anything. 

And Mitch and Jane, I know you've been reading and commenting. Lately I've been trying to wind down and recover from that awful class, and then got hit with a cold. I'm better, and getting back to my old self. I just wanted to say I'm not ignoring you, and I've appreciated all of your encouragement and wisdom. 

And GAH!!!  PUBLISHING! I might finally, finally, realize my dream. Published author. Pray. I know I am.

EDIT: They accepted it!  They loved it, were just as dismayed as I was that I'd never received my acceptance letter and contract, emailed me with a new one within an hour, and....yeah. I'm going to be published.


Mitchell said...

Whee! Just remember: I knew you when!
Congratulations and when can I buy a copy?



Soul Funk Goddess said...

Ha! =) If you like steamy romance, then I'll let you know when. hehe

Mitchell said...

Well, it's you, innit?
If it were a cookbook, I'd buy it.

Let me know, for sure!



John Garrett said...

Holy Hannah, that's great news! I'm impressed and very happy for you :)