some things coming in the @#*! nick of time

it's been a while since i've explored my goals and, funny enough, i've been thinking about them lately. and it is with a slightly tired sigh that i admit it's probably time to update them, too.

1. be in idaho by the first week of october
2. get my field training finished at work
3. get my certification as a commissioned groomer
4. get down to a decent jeans size
5. make a new AMV
6. get back on a regular gym regimen
7. get the Funkmobile's windshield replaced
8. give the Funkmobile a funky new paint job, black with pink airbrushing
9. get the Funkmobile new tires
10. decide on and get a decent haircut from my stylist

most of these happened a couple of months ago, actually. of course, #1 was no longer relevant back in september. #2 happened way back in august. #7 happened quite a while ago, too, after i was completely blinded by glare and almost made an unprotected left turn into a volvo. #10 happened back in august, too, i think, only the day before #7 occurred. my hair is now bra-strap length, with layers, instead of waist-length and morticia adams blah.

but as for #3? i got the news yesterday that it had gone through wednesday. the manager lady sent my portfolio in on monday, and by wednesday corporate had sent an email saying that it was so perfect she didn't have to spend any time on it whatsoever. i thought that was pretty awesome. although, to be quite honest, i can't say i'm surprised. i worked very, very hard on that thing, and i know i'm quite good at my job.

and dear Funky Ya-Ya, for the first time in my LIFE i don't have a bottom-of-the-barrel job. i actually have a career. an honest-to-Funk CAREER. when people ask, "so, delena, what do you do?" there's no more chagrined smile, no more shrug and a self-depricating, "well, y'know, i just work over at such-and-such-minimum-wage-paying-store/call-center. so! some weather we're having, huh?"

nope! i'm a real person, with a real title, and will start making some real money here soon. ...just as soon as business picks up again and tumbleweeds stop blowing through the salon, anyway. but still, i can't begin to express my relief. i was seriously beginning to wonder if i'd ever be anybody or amount to anything. and, i'm sorry, Funk notwithstanding, there's something about being my age and still working at entry level dead-end jobs that just fucks with the self-esteem, y'know?

not that i haven't worked my ass off these last few months, especially with this stupid drama of having to protect my job from this insecure, despotic cunt of a floor manager at work for the last two weeks. thank the Funky Jive i never underestimate the versatility of fucktards, and i had a witness. otherwise, things might have gone a whole new direction.

anyway, looks like i need to update the goals. i suppose that'll just be added to the goal list: update the goals. i'm tired and have much laundry to do first.


Az said...

Congratulations! *big ole shit eatin' grin* I knew you could do it. You're the best. *hugs*

Greggo said...

congrats on your certification! i actually do know how much it means to you.

Anonymous said...

Rock on chickie! I am so pleased for you.
I know the feeling all too well..."what do you do?".....uh, I dunno...cashier, I guess.

Congrats on working towards and arriving at your fabulous CAREER!!
You totally deserve it!

Now go do the laundry, cause you deserve clean clothes too!
groovy list!