the obligatory declaration of thanks

i'm reading this book, "dies the fire," by...some guy. i can't remember his name right now. i'm pretty dang surprised i remembered the title of the book, actually. but in it, some nameless, unknown Event kills all electricity and tweaks the laws of physics enough that humankind is thrown back into pre-Industrial Revolution technology. it's an awesome piece of survival fiction and filled with SCA-dians, wilderness experts, and witches --my kinds of people.

but reading it makes me very thankful for electricity. i like being able to play oblivion and watch my tri-annual buffy-thon. i like hot water when i turn the tap, cold soymilk when i open the fridge, and driving. so thank you, electricity.

i'm thankful for physics, too, and natural law. it keeps water running downhill, plants growing upward, and makes things predictable in a way that just makes sense, and gives me the luxury to take quite a few things about this world for granted. not that i should, but i can.

i'm eternally grateful for my family. no words could encompass this immense gratitude, so i won't try.

i'm very thankful for my very rewarding career where i hang out with friends and work with animals all day long. i may come home exhausted, unable to walk, and even stressed-out sometimes, but i'm always satisfied and very proud of what i've accomplished that particular day. and that's every day.

i'm grateful for where i live. it's the most beautiful place on earth. i never thought i could be so in love with a place.

and i'm very, very grateful i haven't lost my ability to love, even though it would be completely understandable if i did.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
(we had ours back in October, eh?)

Anonymous said...

So....um....how/where are you?
Miss you...hope everything is ok.