...as if nothing had happened.

so i was at the parents' for a week critter-sitting two cardigan welsh corgies and five cats out in the boondocks of east northeast portland. pretty much as far east as you can get and not be in the Gorge. so yes, there was snow already. =)

but mom had no internet because of some really lame auto-debit debacle with AOL (Assholes OnLine, hehe)

and yes, this meant i went into some pretty serious withdrawals. but i'm such a dork i was actually stressing out most because i couldn't balance my checkbook.

how the frick did i get so old so fast? every third day or so i match my checkbook with what the bank has online for the most up-t0-date info i can possibly receive, and i actually get a kick out of being perfect to the penny. egads, i'm frickin' old.

but yeah, so that's where i was. in the boondocks, with a bunch of animals driving me crazy, a puppy with no brains, an older puppy driving me crazy with that stupid i-wanna-go-outside bell she keeps ringing just as i fall asleep, and a 27-pound cat who wanted nothing more than to tapdance on my head.

yes. laugh.

anyway, so i'm sitting here, home for the first time in a week. i had actually composed several lovely delena haiku while i was gone, but i can only remember one of them. so...


i am just fine here.
there is no stress here at all.
just two welsh corgies.

thank you.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you and your fabulous sense of humour!

Az said...

I was starting to get worried so it's good to hear all is well on your end. :)