when i get all steamed up...

...now, i won't shout, but i'm definitely in that "seeing red" stage. between what i PRAY is a misunderstanding, two stupid dogs, and no decent sleep since tuesday, (not to mention a complete rape of my personal routine --which i LOVE) i'm seeing all sorts of lovely shades of red.

i think this, more than anything, cements that while i love dogs, after kuma i don't think i will ever, ever have a dog in my life. ever. and it's not a, "oh, delena, you're just a cat person." i HATE that response. i love dogs. i love everything about dogs. i miss freckles, my childhood dog. she was my best friend. but after living with kuma the wunderhund, and after so long working with dogs day in and day out, i can honestly say that i have no tolerance for a stupid, poorly trained dog. unfortunately, that's what many dogs i see are. after only a few days with two dogs who can do tricks for treats but are not trained (no matter what my mom says), it's very clear i have no tolerance for pretty much anything other than another kuma. and he was one of a kind.

i can't WAIT until mom and dad get home and i can come home. and sleep. and not be around dogs. and sleep. and have my routine back. and sleep. and not be bored. and sleep. and not be isolated (no phone signal, no internet, town is 20 mins away). and sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hey goddess ...

... I've just come back from an 8km walk with Trinity ... I'm not a cat person (cause I'm allergic) but I understand what you mean ... a trained dog is a joy ... it takes nothing away from Trin's OUT THERE personality ...


Anonymous said...

Hang in there....you'll be home soon.
And I cannot wait to get another dog one day!

This Guy said...

Tip me over and pour me out!

Sounds like you need a good cup of Chamomile Tea!! For the love of the Goddess, what on earth have you gotten yourself into over there?? I know the feeling tho, my sisters dog is well, just stupid. He is too smart to the point where he is stupid. We can't let him outside unattended because he climbs the 10 foot chain link fence. Like really, what do you do with a dog that climbs a 10 foot fence and friggen runs away??

Don't worry too much, you will be HOME soon, back in your space and this week will just seem like a dream... A horrible horrible untrained dream!! lol

Bret xoxo