delena haiku

new beginnings are
within reach for all of us.
carpe somnium!*

credendo vides!
the cry is music; soulspeak...
something we all hear.

what is it you want?
people just really want life,
vitality, hope.

what is it you want?
people just really want love.
they want to be loved.

can you tell me now:
who are you? can you tell me?
do you really know?

the secret is out;
hey, by believing, one sees.
you can see it all.

it only takes faith.
faith precedes the miracle.
just open your eyes.

carpe somnium!*
faith in life, and love, and self.
you can make things new.

"people just really want life and love"

carpe somnium: *sieze the dream


Genie Sea said...

carpe somnium
is magic to my soul's core
now I thirst no more.

Tori said...

That was awesome! I <3 poetry. carpe somnium! =D

Jane said...

Oh man, I love your poetry!!! I really liked your own quote at the end :))

Brandi said...

dude these freaking rock.

like alot.

bug said...

Ah. You rule. I love you.