we'll return to our regularly scheduled Funk, but first some brief announcements.

i wanted to thank everyone who's been leaving comments the last few posts. it's really meant a lot to me, and shown me in fantastic detail just how firmly on the right track i really am. it's always said that when you finally come into true alignment with yourself, when you resound with honesty and true harmony, you'll ring out like a crystal glass when you glide your finger along its lip. every part of you will sing, and it will grow louder by virtue of its genuine-ness, and people will stop to listen...and then those around you of the same frequency will begin to ring out in chorus.

the readers of iGoddess, who understand what Brezsny calls "Pronoia" and what i call your "inner Funk," are the chorus. you are my chorus, my beacon, my integrity check and my point of reference. yes, i'm on the right track. thank you for helping to show this to me.

and along my creativity, i've made something. all by myself! true, it's simple, but i finished crocheting a soft, grey wool blanket. it still needs edging, and fringe, but construction is complete! and i've begun a scarf with yarn almost as soft as rabbit fur. it's tough as hell to work with, not as straightforward as the wool i was working with. and the pattern is one i just came up with, experimented with the stitch count, and...it's working, but because i can't really find individual stitches, it looks a little like...well... to be honest, it looks like a beginner's piece. of course, i am a beginner, but i'm also really proud that even two rows into it, the pattern was clearly visible. loooong fringe is gonna go on that scarf when it's done, and i plan to wear it to school.

i've been having a blast crocheting. it's a homely activity, and that suits me just fine. not to mention i'm making useful things, pretty things, and there's a certain satisfaction that comes of being able to look at something and say, "i made that."

my household --*cc* my sister, *mj* my bro-in-law, and now our newest addition *ll* our "little brother"-- has started up our old LARP troupe. that's Live-Action Role Play for you non-gamers out there. and since we learned our lessons last time, we're being a little more choosy about who gets to play with us. we have a strict "no fucktards allowed" policy, since we're all highly allergic. and it's been a blast. the last three days we've been conniving and plotting every minute we could get our heads together. it's fun to be able to create a story with others in some medium other than movies or books.

with movies, you sit and watch. while this is engaging in its own way, sometimes my butt just gets sore from sitting so long. and reading is marvelous...but i still don't have reading glasses yet and the migraines are terrible, and sometimes sitting alone gets boring. writing is its own set of challenges and, while i still am dedicated to the Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, again...it's a solitary pasttime. being able to get with others and actively create a great story, to dress as our characters and be them for a night, to be part of the action, is refreshing. not to mention great for having to think on your feet.

even adults need to "play pretend" once in a while. it's a great world, a wonderful backdrop, and an engaging story. we're having so much fun, laughing, and drinking much wine. i always am reminded of *cc*'s toast on my birthday: "to a new year, to being with family where you belong..." and she's right.

i look around me, smiling and contented, and i think to myself, "here's to family, indeed."


Tori said...

I wish I could get back into crocheting. My aunt taught me how years ago, but I haven't done it in years. I've had the urge to create something lately, I just don't know what yet.

Enjoy your role playing! Everyone needs something to satisfy their imagination. =)

Gypsy said...

Thank You again for the lovely interview and you can pick up your Award on My Art Blog at:


Brandi said...

soft wool, good times, wine, friends, art and school.

sounds delicious :-)

Jane said...

Hey there lovely goddess! It's Friday and my interview questions are up and posted today. Thank you so much!

CrystalChick said...

I hang out over at Jane's place alot. It's so cool there. Your interview questions were great. Intense actually. But she answered them in wonderful Jane style.
I don't use the word 'fucktard' nearly enough. ;)
Have a really funky weekend!!