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looking back on my entries the last few months...i was hit by a mack truck, wasn't i? march was bad, april was worse, may kicked me in the teeth, and here it is june and it's just like in the cartoons where i'm wobbly on my feet and dizzy with little tweeting birds flying around my head. 

finals were last night.  oi vey, don't ask me about finals. 

the job is going really well. i was in So.Cal last week for training, and for all intents and purposes it was a fantastic success. now all that material that's been piling up in my room that i've been ignoring is getting sorted, and i get to start cramming for State exams now. oh fun. 

i remember being little and going to the beach with my bio-family in So.Cal. there was this one summer when i decided i was going to be daring, and swim out past where i could see the bottom. out where the big kids were. and i did. and it was a blast! it was kinda like swimming in the most ginormous swimming pool in the world. 

then this wave came and hammered me all the way down to the sand, and i didn't know which way was up, and the current dragged me tumbling and floundering along the bottom. i hit my head on a rock, and cut my hand on a jagged shell. i tumbled along the bottom forever, it seemed. i ran out of breath, and oh gods, i can remember the panic as i realized i was still under water and couldn't breathe. my body fought for air, and i was flailing for anything to hold onto. i tumbled over and over, and there was no sense of direction. water shot up my nose and down my throat. i was breathing, but it wasn't really working. belatedly i realized i'd sucked down a mouthful of seawater. 

finally i bobbed to the surface. i remember this rattling breath that sounded like when you turn a water bottle upside down and give it a good squeeze...then let go and let the air back in, and you get that sucking, burbling, bubbling glug-glug sound. that's kinda how it was. then i was sinking back down and coughing and barfing up salt water, and it was pouring out of my mouth and nose, and eyeballs and ears it seemed, too. and just as i was in the middle of my first painful rasp of fresh air, another wave pounded down upon me, straight down on my head, and my face slammed back into the sandy bottom and i saw blood in the water, and i tumbled over and over, and over and over. 

it finally fizzled out, dragging me as if i were a dented tin can tied with twine to a stray dog's tail, to shallower waters. i stood up, blood down my face and dripping into the water, lungs stinging and throbbing, coughing water up my nose, head pounding, dizzy, and tears streaming from my eyes. no one came at me and said, "oh god, are you all right?" or anything. i don't think anyone saw. i dragged myself out of the water, went to get my towel, and didn't go back into the sea for about sixteen years. 

that's kind of how it felt these last couple of months. dragged along the bottom, tumbling, can't get a breath. now i'm back in shallow(er) waters, reeling, coughing up sea water. all i want is to find my towel, lie down in the warm sun, and dry off. maybe make a sand castle, or go roller skating on the board walk. 


Tori said...

What a scary experience! I've only been dragged under a little bit before, and it still scared me. I don't think I'd ever go back in the water if that happened to me.

I think it's a great thing to compare your last few months to, though. I hope you get to rest soon. <3

Genie Sea said...

Yikes! What a terrifying experience! Even more terrifying that no one noticed!

The lovely thing is you got yourself out and you found the towel, and you still had the spirit to make a sand castle. And that, my friend, is beauty! :)

rock, paper, scissors said...

Yes, of course we were separated at birth.

When I was 20, I almost drowned in the ocean on Long Island. The undertow was so strong; I couldn't get back to shore. My boyfriend was 6 feet tall and he struggled too; so much so that he couldn't reach me. I kept going under and it felt like I could never get my breath. To this day, I have no idea how I made it back to shore. Needless to say, I still won't go out swimming in the ocean, but I will walk along it.

This Guy said...

OMG I am going to have water nightmares tonight! Holy shit, you must have been terrified! I've only ever swam in a pool, I'm terrified of lakes, oceans and ponds, anywhere I cant see the bottom.

I really think you are coming out from under the wave now, things will lessen up on you, you will feel the relief as it becomes less of a struggle for air.

You have a blessed journey, I cant wait to see where it takes you!