for you, boho

my lovely, amazing, brilliant, creative, genuine ingenious bohippian Funkmaster...

i tried to leave you a comment, but blogger is a bitch and says that my response cannot exceed 4,096 characters.  i know! the nerve! i thought that, too.  sheesh.

so i thought i'd put it here. i mean, there was no way in hell i was going to break it up into two comments, or -gasp!- try to EDIT. hell no.

i love you.


I feel your pain, my Funkalicious Divamaster. I feel your sorrow, your despair, your confusion, your sense of responsibility overwhelming you.

My own Funkmobile's been sitting since I was 5mos pregnant. So I *get* it. And my bio-dad's been regularly sending me money, so I get *that*, too. I do.

I love you. I admire, respect, and celebrate you. You know I do.  =) So this is all from a place of love and sisterhood from the Menstrual Temple of the Funky Grail.

You say, "Can we ever gain control of the circumstances that we face?" The answer is yes. You say you subscribe to "thoughts become things," yet still see some aspects of your life as happening *to* you. Remember: We Are All One. It is all One. It is not, "Some thoughts become things." It is, "Thoughts become things.

All of them. I have had to learn this, too. Now I have embraced my role and have changed it.

I'm not suggesting you're not taking responsibility for your life, and all that's in it. You are. Amazingly. Strongly. Confidently. Willingly. ...But not happily.

I know you're familiar with energy work. Our thoughts are part of the energy of the Universe; this is basic. Somewhere, as you focus so hard on hating poverty and resenting it and struggling with it, you are telling the Universe, "I struggle with poverty!" And the Universe says, "Yes! You do!" And since your focus is there, that must be what you want more of.

Sweetheart, you are swimming in abundance in so many, many ways. Begin with gratitude for them. You know what they are. They feed your soul, give you joy, bring you delight. They lift your spirits, give you a sense of freedom and success and pride. Great!

Begin there. If you're sick of poverty, realize it no longer serves you. Thank it for the lessons it has taught you about life, yourself, your creativity and ingenuity. Just bow and thank it for its lessons. Then, without even saying farewell (because you don't need to expend that energy on it), while still in the spirit of gratitude, turn toward those things you have in abundance.

See the abundance. Thank the Universe, the Goddess, the Great Multiversal Jiggy Snake, whoever you want to. Thank yourself, too, because you participated!

Focus on them. List them out if you must. Whatever works for you, do it. Then focus on that. Go about your life because you must, but don't put energy into it. Just do it, and trust your muscle memory. But focus on the gratitude and abundance. Start there.

It is better to give than to receive? Well, we cannot give what we do not have ourselves. And my dear, no matter what level of government-defined 'poverty' you've been at, if you look back at your life, there has always been money. When you needed it, there has always been enough. Somehow. You eat, you keep your hatchling fed, housed, clothed, and loved. Sure, it might be through help, but there is always money.

Trust that. In fact, your thoughts have made it so. You say, "We'll get by...somehow." Now those thoughts can be more formed, more disciplined. Know with confidence there is always money when you look. Because it's true! Keep that thought. Build upon it.

You have a car. You have transportation. These two thoughts are true. You keep the disconnect in your head because you say, "I can't drive my car," and the Universe says, "You're right! You can't!" Learn to meld your two truths together: you have a car, and you have transportation. You are able to get where you want to go. There is always money. You have tremendous abundance.

Keep the focus. Build it. And gratitude. Always gratitude. And joy. The Universe hears. "Before you have asked, I will have already answered." It just takes a little time because we are in the realm where energy moves at a slower vibration, and we exist inside of Time. It will take time, but just be grateful because you *know* it is already arriving.

Check yourself when you begin thinking, "GAH! It's taking forever to get here!" The Universe will hear and say, "You're right! It is taking forever!" and it will.

We are moving through time. Your abundant life is here, now. Your working, insured vehicle is also there. It exists. You are moving closer toward it through time. Simply Know it Is, already. Smile knowingly, feel gratitude for it, and focus on your abundance. There is always money. Your hatchling is always provided for.

And you, my lovely dear, are always going to be all right.  =)

Because you are. And I am grateful.  =)


Anonymous said...

My wise friend, my guru, my completely connected kindred spirit...
You rock, seriously...
I am writing this from a place of gratitude that comes from my heart....the place that hasn't been hardened or jaded by my life's experiences and expectations.
I get it - I really do. I tell myself 100 times a day that my life sucks and sure enough, it's a self-fulfilled prophesy. And the universe confirms and conforms.

I'm into this (love Mike Dooley - woo-hoo!) I feel like I've done so much work on myself, my attitudes, my belief systems; I've worked hard but you make so so so much sense when with your words.
I am going to have to print this one out for the fridge
And I will think positive, I will be grateful (because I really truly am) and I will move in the direction where I want to see change in my life, and focus on the desired end, whatever that may be.... I've never, ever set high expectations in my life, (thanks mom), so it's really hard for me to believe in manifesting abundance in my life. Abundance of negative, sure, but not the polar opposite. That's reserved for my brothers who did better with their lives" than I did". (yes Dee, I have issues - lol).
So with your advice and your "voice of experience", I shall take all the millions of variables surrounding my life and morph them into the right circumstances in my life....is that right?
Thank you dear sweet goddess...you are offcially my new life-coach.
I can and will find my mojo, chart a fresh, new course and take charge of my life...I am one with the universe!!

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together"...see? the Beatles had this shit down!!!

Simony said...

Hello there, I came here after leaving a comment on Boho Mom and had to check your thoughts because I believe we all can use some encouragement and wisdom from all over the universe. I am glad I came here and probably will come back more times to learn as I need.
Thank you so much for your insightful ideas and mostly thank you for helping our friend over there.
Peace to you!

traveler said...

soul funk goddess,

thank you!


Soul Funk Goddess said...

Boho, I love you, too! I was so touched to hear that my words had touched you so deeply. Heh. I was touched because you were touched.

We are all connected and touching one another's souls. Because it is all One. =)

It is all Love.

Just come from the place of Love, and gratitude for everything.

(And if you wanted to clean up any of those mom issues you say you have, look up the Pygmalion Effect and see yourself there. You can change even that.)