i'm taking it back

in my quest to inject massive amounts of Funkalicious awesomeness back into my life and stage a r[E]volution in my own life, i've been throwing my own version of what boho mom calls a "feng shui tantrum."

i decided that in order to focus more on abundance and gratitude, i had to focus on what it was that i had so much of in my life that i could give it away with joy and love. you cannot give what you do not have, so rather than focus on the lack of things in my life, i'm focusing on what i have to give away.

in this, i've begun sorting through all of my possessions --and even Little Owl's-- and am parceling away 10% to give away. if i'm so lucky and fortunate and blessed to have more to give away, then give it away i shall. i've been going through my books, clothes, movies, baby clothes, toys, and even my time. i'm giving it away.

today i found a piece of paper hiding at the bottom of a huge bin of clothes i was sorting out. it goes to show just how long it's been since i truly went through the whole thing with more than just a cursory sift to find something i wanted. i've been sitting on a wealth of stuff! lucky me, i was able to give away half that bin. i'm excited!

but even more than that, i had to share this. it's beautiful, and i think it was just waiting for a reemergence at the right time. it was the proto-Temple, the place before the Menstrual Temple of the Funk Grail...

by the sacred power inherent in the very blood, bones, and breath of every Woman here, this is now sacred space. the ground beneath our feet holy ground. this is our place, the blessed womb of the goddess. 

She of Ten Thousand Names stands with us, and each of us is Goddess. therefore begone all you insidious voices that poison our goddess hearts! begone the voices which laugh at us, which call us worthless and stupid. silence, you voices who whisper we are ugly, or fat, or lazy, or foolish! we shall not listen to your hateful lies one moment more, for we are Goddess! beautiful and wise and filled with the holy blood of woman, so that we shine as a beacon for our sisters who are lost in the darkness those voices create!

our circle is cast. that which glorifies not the sacred feminine shall not enter!

so the fuck mote it be!

this was written in 2002.  i might've been trapped in a lot, but the proto-Temple was in my heart already.

it always was, i think.

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