love thine enemy

when i sit down to do my pilates and yoga exercises every day, i rest my hands on my knees and close my eyes, take a deep breath, and just spend a minute in stillness.

it's a minute meditation, but it helps to keep me connected to my intuition.  for that, for me, is where i hear God (God being, of course, my own intuition). and if i didn't spend that moment reminding myself to remain steadfastly in touch with my intuition, then i would soon forget what it's like to hear God when She speaks. the Divine Wow is always laughing, but sometimes that laughter is as soft as a fall breeze soughing through the treetops, or as gentle as the sweet breath of a sleeping baby. 

if you're not careful, you can miss it.  i know i do.  

a lot.

so last week i was sitting, breathing, and saying hello to the Funkalicious Jive. i had just finished posting a comment in my latest class (Cognitive, Socioemotional, and Developmental Lifespan Psychology) and someone had tossed out an underhanded insult about my answer to a particular question from our professor. my answer was respectful, genteel, and --for those who know me, or have any edge to their social skills-- was mightily cutting. not the deep cut of a brutal insult, but the long and shallow kind that burns. 

she really got under my skin. my satisfaction didn't outweigh my irritation at even being insulted like i was, so when i came to say my hellos to the Multiversal Jiggy Snake, my feathers were somewhat ruffled. 

"i know, i know," i said.  "we are all One, so insulting her is to insult myself. but really, she asked for it."

"now, you know that's not true," said the Funkalicious Jive.

"must you remind me? okay, i know. compassion would not have said what i said. we are all One, so i could have bowed and accepted her answer with love and understanding that she met my statements within her abilities and understanding. and i know you once said to love my enemies, but--"

*grin* "yes?"

"oh holy crap, really? REALLY? it's that simple?" i broke into a wide smile. "THAT is why we must love our enemies! because we are all One, and our enemy is ourself!"

"you got it, cupcake!"

it isn't that we should love our neighbor as ourselves in the sense that we should only treat them the way we want to be treated because "karma" might take it out of our hides one day in the future. this is not some philosophical exercise, but an exercise in physical truth. not that we shouldn't extend the consideration, gentleness, and compassion to others that we want to see in our own lives; we should. it only makes sense. 

but no. it's deeper than that. it's not treat them like you'd treat yourself.  We Are All One.  we treat OURSELVES as we would treat ourselves! 

the universe is all energy. we are that same energy condensed to a slow vibration. so is our enemy. that same energy. everything from the air we breathe to the phantasmagorically fantastic solar explosions of the smallest sun in the furthest corner of the wildest reaches of the universe. the rocks, the chair you're sitting in at your computer, the loving pet sitting at your feet, the bird that just flew right into your window. 


there is no beginning, and there is no end. it is all energy along a spectrum. and all energy is merely the soul of God, encompassing the universe of which we are all a part. if you were to take all that energy and speed it up to the same vibration, there would be no differentiating between a human body and a dust mote. it is all the same. it is all One. 

we are all One. 

i can reach out and touch my lover, and i can feel the energy between us. it is the same energy. our souls mingle in that touch, our auras combine. we share that willingly. all interaction is an exchange of energy. all energy is soul of Goddess. 

the soul houses and safeguards the body. we are the body: the body of the universe, the body of the Funkalicious Jive. and the body cannot be divided against itself. all parts work together in a cohesive whole. 

we are all One. 

i must treat my enemy as i would treat myself, for indeed, i am

we are all One.

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