chewing cud d'frog

so i'm taking this statistics class, right?

yeah, it's kicking my ass with boots the size of the moon.

i feel like the hugest failure. i can't keep up in class. it eats up so much of my time that Little Owl is being deprived of attention. i'm short-tempered from being sleep-deprived, stressed-out, and living in this constant state of panic. if i fail this class, or even get a D and need to repeat it, i'm going to be kicked out of school because i've already had to repeat 2 classes.

it's eating me up. i hate it. i don't know what to do about it. i'm staring yet more failure in the fucking eye and it's winning.


Mitchell said...

Sister, we talked about this. Our particular brains are wired to the cosmos, not the machinations of man.

Statistics is the first level of transcendence - it is an attempt to recreate the big bang out of grains of sand.

The sense of failure results from your trying to view molecules from the perspective of a lepton.

Mind you, this is not the disparaging remark that Sissy Spacek endured in Little Man Tate. Quite the contrary: you are coonnected to the cosmos more intimately than a mere molecule.

Therefore, do not look at Statistics as something you can bend to your will. Only try to see the truth: there is no Statistics. Let the will bend until you no longer need to see the feeble construct that masquerades as truth.

After all, there are lies, damned lies and Statistics!



Soul Funk Goddess said...

*dies laughing*