the iGoddess hatchling: the making of

it just occurred to me, just now, that maybe gestating the iGoddess hatchling took absolutely everything out of me emotionally and spiritually that was good is because, just like my fat stores and fluid and energy, her umbilical cord was also attached to my Funk because --as the most loved, anticipated, empowered, enlightened, cherished, magical child ever born-- she needed everything i had and more, because her own inner bonfire of juicyFunk is even more bombastic than mine will ever be? 

i forgot we are triune beings: body, mind, and spirit. there i was, thinking i was just physically growing a child in me when i should have remembered she was connected --is still connected-- to my entire being? 

as a pregnant woman needs to take supplements and pay attention to her calorie intake when she's pregnant and increase it to accommodate a fetus, i should have also been taking Funk supplements and increasing my own caloric Funk intake. 

and i didn't.

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Jane said...

It's never too late to reclaim your funk. And YOU always have known that you are a funktastic woman. Babies and kids take a lot out of us. We give so much and sometimes forget about ourselves. I have one of each and I can see where my relationship with my son is much different than the one I have with my daughter. If you told me a few years ago that my daughter, now 13, would hate me now, I would never have believed you. Daughters look to us as guides and female role models. I've made so many mistakes along the way. She and I barely speak to each other now. Show your daughter how alive and funktastic you are and have always been. If you are consistent with her and show her all the vibrancy you have to offer, it will make a huge impact with her as she continues to grow and change.