iGoddess II: The Search for Funk

lots of things going on. some are, for once in the history of iGoddess, not something i can freely write about here. i know, i know: this violates the sacrosanct idea that there are no secrets here on iGoddess, no suppression and no shame.

well, a practiced and well-versed Funkmaster knows that nothing is sacred. at some point in the future, i'll bring it all to light and laugh good-naturedly at my foolishness and endeavor to use it in some spontaneous bit of outrageously fantastic performance art.

in the meantime, tho...

the Funk and i are so far removed at the moment --and this moment has lasted a little over two years-- that i rather feel agnostic. there's been such silence for so long that i'm doubting my memories of Juicy Funk and the Jiggy Snake. did i hallucinate? was i mad? does it matter?

i said i'd be writing here more, and then i never came back. lots of stuff. more Burning Heaven to the Ground. and gestating the iGoddess Child became a spiritually wasting illness. it sapped so much out of me, my spirit is a dried husk.

more than one person's made the observation that the blazing bonfire that was Delena is now rather like a small mound of cold ash.

i don't want to be a barren wasteland of nonFunk. i don't like that i can't reach down into the depths of me and summon up a squeak --let alone a roar-- of juicyloamy, bombastic mindsplosions of gutteral passion. i don't like that there are no depths anymore at all. i've become a two-dimensional WYSIWYG.

so i'm coming back here, the closed circle, returning to the beginning. i've gotten out my bible, the televisionary oracle, as well as a few other books. i set up another supersecret blog to write about what cannot be written here, just so it has somewhere to go. and i'm going to plot my rejourney as i search out the Funk once again.

this land of grey agnostics sucks. i want Funk-gnostics instead.

[i also went back to my old URL because going back and editing all those links in three years' worth of blog posts was just too much of a pain in the ass.]


Mitchell said...

From the Void, a beacon winks. Playful, teasing, it beckons.
The beacon smiles, as I pull into her orbit.




Soul Funk Goddess said...


That was an awesome, awesome smile you put on my face, Mitch. Thank you for it!

(and I soooo need to put CommentLuv on this blog! I keep forgetting.)


Jane said...

So good to see you here again! I too have lost my funk. And it's been MIA for a few years now. So, so, so much has been going on. I could cry when I look back at what I was doing a few years ago...creating, playing, experimenting, laughing. Where has it all gone? I'm sure it is still here waiting for me to come and dance with it all again. It will for you too.

Hope you keep writing here. I miss you. I've moved to a new blog home now :)