going to the dogs

every day needs to be like yesterday at work. when i got there, i had only three dogs on my books. one of which was a lhasa apso named "yeti." and omg, when he got there, i saw a nose...and hair.

the abominable lhasa.

but one of the girls had to leave early, so i inherited a lot of her appointments. one of mine cancelled last-minute, but thank the gods because i was still grooming up until forty minutes before close.

the last dog i had was a dark apricot standard poodle named robie, but i swear, with that topknot as poofy as it was? when he came in, i grinned and said, "hey, buckwheat!" his owner laughed.

i made twenty dollars in tips yesterday. yes, that sounds kinda good, but customers haven't been tipping at all lately. even a couple dollars is actually being remarked upon in the salon now. hell, i made more in tips when i was strictly bathing dogs. but i averaged twenty dollars an hour yesterday, and that's not too bad. it needs to be more, though. i need more dogs, bigger dogs, bigger packages.

and yes, when i say things like that, i'm thinking strictly of my paycheck.

when i think of the dogs, though, i don't care if i have only three dogs on my books. i love them all.


Az said...

I'm with you...I love dogs. And cats...and...oh hell, I'm just a big ole animal lover! :D

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute post. I love doggies so much and can't wait to get another one some day!