gypsy feet

i'll write more later about the story in full, but i'm writing this post from my new apartment...

...with *ds* and *ks*. i woke up happy this morning. i woke up exhausted because i moved all my worldly possessions in two days (bye-bye weekend, *sniffle*) but i woke up happy.

the living room is an absolute nightmare, piled high with everyone's shit, and boxes and boxes. 'tis a veritable mountain of boxes. Mt. Crapola.

yay, mt. crapola!

but yeah. i'll write more later when i'm not busy snatching sleep or working or sorting. but trust the delena: this was a good thing.


Michelle said...

YAY! for you.


Michelle said...

Wow. I figured out how to leave my name. :D

Az said...

Moving...both exhausting and exciting. You sounds happy and that's a good thing. :D

Jane said...

Yay for moving and good changes....you SO deserve it all!!

Happy weekend, funk goddess!!!


Anonymous said...

The universe is welcoming you home.