new moon

i was browsing through boho mom's blog and found this, and it just touched me. so much has been simmering inside me lately, and as always when i'm on a long simmer, i haven't been able to put any of it to words.

and on the other hand, my actions lately have lacked aught for eloquence. and so i, too, will commit to the blogosphere my intentions for this new moon. my natural powers and abilities always resonated more strongly with the dark/new moon anyhow...

the new moon phase is the time of new beginnings.
this is a time of growing energy, newness, rejuvenation, growth, renewal and hope. it is a good point to make changes in your life, such as putting an end to bad habits or dead-end relationships.

as we begin this lunar cycle and tune into the new moon energy i am focusing on intention for these areas...

~ enriching those relationships with which i have already been blessed
~ kind thoughts, kind words, kind deeds
~ reinforcing my new dedication to work so it becomes permanent
~ moving meditation
~ defining my goals, and creating a Plan to attain them
~ good health, better diet, a night of pampering myself
~ creating peace in my heart, and in my home
~ performing a re-dedication ritual for my space

I am letting go of...
~ bitterness toward broken dreams
~ resentment towards *m*
~ feeling pressured to be more committed than i feel ready to be

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Greggo said...

i gather that by committing your intentions to paper (or cyber-space, anyway!), it will make them more real, and keep them in the forefront of your mind. it actually sounds like something i should do... if i only knew what my intentions were. lol. i too have been simmering lately. :-/ anywaze, good luck, sweetie. :-)