CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): During your entire life, you have maybe never been as free as you are now from the need to be rescued by some savior. You don't need anyone to rescue you from your own dark fantasies because, at least for the moment, your bright fantasies have rendered them obsolete. You don't need anyone to liberate you from oppression or enslavement, because you are fully empowered to do the job yourself. You don't even need anyone to deliver you from evil, since your recent hard work has made evil allergic to you.

well! what more is there to say, then?

...actually, there might be a few things. naturally, the first being "i must not rest upon my laurels." the second, perhaps, being that now the Year of Secrets is over and we're almost halfway through the Year of the Delena with its bigger, wilder, and more exciting challenges, perhaps it's time to change my eyes yet again to see not "challenges," persay, but "opportunities."



the universe is wildly in love with me and is daily conspiring to shower me with blessings. every day upon waking, a hundred things have already gone right for me, proof of the work of thousands of people in their tireless effort to make sure my day does begin well. i can flip on a switch, and electricity zooms through the wires to light up the room. i live in a temperature-controlled environment, my bare feet are massaged by soft carpet which is the result of people's labor to make and install it purely so that my feet can enjoy the feel of it. the sun is at the precise distance from earth to guarantee life upon our planet. i take a breath and am assured our atmosphere did not bleed off into the Void.

miracles of existence, and all of them there purely so i may enjoy them.

my legs work, my eyes see and my ears hear (albeit not very well, but they do). i might have scoliosis, but i walk upright without need of a brace. i have a car in working order which gets me to my job, which i adore. my hands work, able to perform such delicate and precise activities such as brushing my teeth, fixing my hair, crocheting an afghan, touching my family members to convey affection.

i am finally free of the old delena, and i have put on the chunky, pink platform shoes of Delena of the Funkywild. i emerged from the cocoon into wilder, freer, and more ecstatic versions of my Funky self. for the first time i truly feel the weight of the Old World has left my shoulders, and the shell of my former body is left far behind. i am the solidarity of the earth, with the depths of the ocean in my soul, and the wind in my hair. in my heart shines the sun; in my womb glows the moon. my true self is love.

there is only Love.


Anonymous said...

*sings* all you need is love....

iGoddess said...

"of course i believe in love. love is like oxygen!

love is a many splendored thing!

love lifts us up where we belong!

all you need is love!"


Ravyn said...

Love is just a game?

Okay, now that the quotes game is over this particular one really got me thinking. Thanks.

It's easy to take so many of the good things for granted because they have 'always been there' but the only reason they have been there is because SOMEONE worked to get them there. Not something I often think about...