a pox on all technology!

i promised pictures of the gorge the other day.

if i remember correctly, i'd also promised pictures (at least one) of me at the vampire ball.

so far, i've failed you miserably. but i swear, the great god BIOS --god of computers and all related modern technology-- hates me. fie, fie i say! a pox upon any- and everything that breaks simply because i'm in the room.

my camera decided to have some sort of grand mal seizure right before the trip. it won't stop flashing at me, takes pictures of absolutely nothing, tells me it's off when it's clearly on, and the list goes on. and the scanner doesn't work, so i can't even digitize the portraits taken of me at the ball.

and believe me, i looked damn hot. 80 bobby pins, ninety minutes in the salon chair, and my best "You Are So In For It" red lipstick with plenty of gloss for the perfect wet sheen, and i was the dark goddess of sultry deliciousness.

there must be pictures, damn it all to the ninth hell!

ah well. i shall find a way (don't i remember something about *mj* buying a new scanner recently? hmm...), and i shall endeavor to buy a new camera. preferably one without epilepsy.

and now i leave you with more delena haiku, inspired by my trip:

raining at the start,
i left the clouds behind me --
stepped into a dream.

enchanting colors,
sun to make me recall home.
i was smiling bright.

sunshine kissed my skin.
music thundered in the car.
wind laughed through my hair.


Mich said...

Hey goddess!

Great to see and hear from you.


Az said...

Hiya, Hon...just wanted you to know that I haven't dropped off the planet. I've been spending less time in front of the computer lately is all. I haven't commented recently here either but I DO read each of your entries. I get email updates on them. :p Good luck with the pictures. Can't wait to see them!