CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): I'm issuing a too-much-of-a-good-thing warning. Soaking up too much pleasure could dilute the value of your bliss. Expressing too much personal power could scare away valuable allies who are competent but not entirely confident. Pushing too hard on behalf of your creative pragmatism could subtly undermine the labor of love you've worked so hard on. Therefore, Capricorn, please accept my invitation to enjoy a period of rest and assimilation. You can return later for another round of pure intensity.

you know what's funny about this is that i was thinking of this very thing on sunday evening as i was driving to my parents' for dinner. i realized that sometimes iGoddess can sound like nothing so much as a psalm to the glory of the delena. not that there's anything wrong with singing my praises. if i don't toot my own horn, then who will?

of course, my horn sounds amazingly like a glen miller big brass band, but that's okay, too. *grin*

but anyway, i thought to myself, "y'know, delena, not everyone likes to read about how great delena's life is all the time. i mean, yes, it's wonderful you're so happy, but perhaps we should tone it down a bit? or perhaps explore other areas and things you've been thinking about?"

"you know something," i said to myself, "you're absolutely right."

i just find it amazing that, instead of merely marveling at how my life is sincerely echoing freewill astrology and miming life according to the televisionary oracle, now i just have to marvel that i'm actually channeling the ecstatic pronoiac bliss of brezsny mere days before he sends his thoughts directly into my e-mailbox.

and so, i send my r.s.v.p. to mr. brezsny's invitation to enjoy a period of rest and assimilation. in fact, i employed the art of moving meditation and accepted yet another invitation; this time it was *ks*'s invitation to begin a project i've been wanting to undertake for the past few years. my former mother-in-law gave me a coffee table and two end tables back when big *c* and i were young kids just starting out. they were beautiful pieces and i loved them. they'd been handed down to her when she was a starry-eyed young bride, and she was passing them down to me.

as i'd been through countless moves over the years, with countless roomates and countless opportunities for things to happen to my lovely furniture, needless to say they've accumulated their fair share of scuffs, stains, and other things. so i'm stripping, sanding, re-staining, and varnishing them into a renaissance of beauty and maple elegance. it will be labor of dedication and love, and fifty years from now i'll look upon them and remember this summer project, the work and energy i put into them. i'll put my feet up on the table, which will sit in the iGoddess hatchling's house, and she and i can chat over chai about the day she'll give the tables to one of her children some time down the line.

so i will rest, and regroup, and assimilate those other things i've been thinking about. and in the meantime i'll continue this round of the dating game, enjoy my work, and revel in the magic of watching these fine wooden pieces come alive beneath my loving hands...


Ravyn said...

That last line right there is EXACTLY why I've been so interested in doing the same thing...I'm considering picking up a wooden trunk to be my altar and of course the safe haven for all my witchy goodness and I'm considering doing just that...waking the soul within the wood myself...hell if I had the know how I'd build it from scratch.

Az said...

Sounds like a plan. Have fun restoring the coffee and end tables. And enjoy the summer. I'm trying my best to spend as much of it as possible outside. :D I think of you often and love reading about your happiness.