...she loved strawberry jam sandwiches, spaghetti, and anise tea.

...she hated playing with dolls, but adored each and every one of her stuffed animals.

...she was so good with animals --even ones that adults considered dangerous-- her father sometimes called her St. Francis.

...she loved Winnie the Pooh, Annie, and Grover on Sesame Street.

...she taught herself to read, and write in cursive.

...she would sing the theme song to My Little Pony when she got scared of the dark.

...she hated when her mom put her in pigtails or dressed her like a girl.

...she talked to God every day, and God talked back (she never told adults this).

...she would climb into people's laps and give them a hug because, somehow, she just knew.

...she told me she needs me again, but maybe i need her.


Brandi said...

what a sweet pic!! are you in it?? which one??

Anonymous said...

...and she would grow up to be a fierce warrior, beheading the monsters of darkness, ignorance and negativity.

...she would grow up to inspire those who are fortunate enough to call her "friend"

...she would grow up to have a magnificent ass, and be desired by all who gaze upon her beautifulness.