for you, brandi...

the funkmama of soul, divalicious brandi over at love, the experiment has put together such a lovely post i had to mention it here. but also...she said something that was so beautifully succinct i couldn't let it slip by on just her blog alone.

so i'm spreading it around.

like Funkalicious graffiti to make the Jiggy Snake proud.

she said, "Maybe that's what self love really is...remembering who you really are. And remembering more."


remembering that we Are the universe. that all the matter in creation started as a bitty speck of matter. we are second-generation star stuff come alive.

so i thought i'd also post another little reminder: The Creation of the Universe According to Delena.

a little something to remember ourselves by.

for you, brandi-girl. you're gorgeous.


Brandi said...

I love it. And I'm feeling all jiggalicious ;-)

and I was so inspired by you sweet cheeks-thanks so much for the support and divine kick in the pants.

Jane said...

I just went and checked that out...awesome!!! I think we all need to keep reminding ourselves of who we are and how much strength we really do have inside.