sunday scribblings

my mission from sunday scribblings, should i choose to accept it, is to blog about chronicles. now, chronicles of what is entirely up to me. and since we're still so close to the inception of iGoddess, i've been trying for the past eighteen hours to think of something cleverly and breathtakingly literary, or at least something off-kilter and funky, since this is iGoddess, after all. (see definition of iGoddess above)

however, after talking with *ds* last night and venting, as we do sometimes, about our history of work in call centers and the resulting creation of a lasting aversion to fucktards (see friday posts), i thought i would come forth in a most humble manner and share a website i've loved and visited faithfully for years, the chronicles of george.

it's cathartic, in a way. not to mention it helps me feel mentally superior sometimes when i need to. if you're in the tech-support industry, work at call centers, or have anything to do with customer service, the chronicles of george was made for you. every stupid customer, every sarcastic comment, every moment you've had to stand there and smile, bend over and take the crappy and abusive treatment of some ignorant customer...every one of those moments was a baptism of sorts, and makes it (almost) worth it. so now you can begin reading, and feel the love, baby. feel the love.

...just fear the banality.


GoGo said...

What an interesting site. I feel a sense of venting reading this...having felt like I myself have worked with George, except he changed his name when he came my way. :)

gautami tripathy said...

Lots of call centres employess or here in India. I can relate.


paris parfait said...

It's interesting to hear the perspective of those IN the call centers, rather than those of us dealing with them. Thanks for the link.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Off to check out George . . .