CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): Do you ever wonder if God loves Brad Pitt and Paris Hilton more than he loves you, as seemingly evidenced by those celebrities' charmed lives? Do you suspect that Tiger Woods' fame and Bill Gates' wealth mean that fate is friendlier to them that it is to you? If so, you're in for a major surprise, Capricorn. Events in 2008 will bring you big deliveries of the next best things to riches and fame. You'll get more proof than you've had in a long time that God and fate adore you.

y'know, i read this when it first hit my email box. my knee-jerk response was, "bullshit," and a vague thought having to do with not holding my breath.

i have a new appreciation for the word "detox."

this whole time, at least i never lost sight of the fact that there was a lesson in all this for me. i've been doing a lot of exploring as to what that particular lesson could be, or if perhaps there were more than one. i will never lose sight of my objective to learning, shattering convention, and rocking into oneness with the Jiggy Snake. but perhaps careerlovemarriagechildren isn't part of my life, no matter it's really all i ever wanted. then again, i want pronoiac bliss and the Funky Jive, and perhaps i can't have that and a mundane charter life.

after all, no one else can dance to my tune but me.

proof the Funk and fate adore me: my family

proof #2: they love me no matter what, as they've loved me through this whole stupid emotional relationship crisis

proof #3: my friends at work have stuck by me and still like me, even though i've been an emotional wreck these past few months.

proof #4: i still have beauty and truth fans out there who stubbornly insist on keeping faith in me and reading iGoddess.

proof #5: the Funkmobile is still running.

proof #6: the purring kitty in my lap as i write this, who's bathing my face with a tongue that could scrape barnacles off a hull.

proof #7: a job that's made it possible for me to keep my apartment and all bills paid while *m* was jobless for three months.

proof #8: the color pink!

proof #9: the fabulous time i spent with *sy* last night.

thinking back to how depressed i've been, and how close i came to giving up again, once again i realize just why my desire is so powerful to never go there again. i hate despair. there's nothing constructive about it...but it has its place, and the pronoiac in me must love despair more than i love it. after all, there are lessons for us at the bottom of that black mere as well...even if the lesson is as simple as, "well, i never wanna do that again!" and, quite simply, i love my life.

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Jane said...

proof #10: your entire blogging community thinks you rock this whole funky Universe!!

Yeah, I know that black pit of depression at times. I think it's important to keep reminding ourselves of what we DO have and appreciate those that love and stay with us despite our wackiness at times.

Happy Wednesday, awesome funk goddess!!!!