feeling accomplished, but not counting chickens

it's been quite a while since i've posted anything about my current goals. and yes, i'm aware of it, but it's just that i've had more important things to wrestle with, it seems.

but anyway, a few things have changed, so i figured it was a good time to update.

10 things i'm determined to get done, dammit:

1. re-kick the caffeine habit
2. bring home an extra 100$ per paycheck at least 4 weeks in a row
3. get the Funkmobile new brakes
4. get down to a decent jeans size
5. get software required to make a new (decent) AMV
6. get back on a regular gym regimen
7. buy a blender and juicer before early summer produce hits the grocery
8. give the Funkmobile a funky new paint job, black with pink airbrushing
9. get the Funkmobile new tires
10. take necessary steps to acquire rent-to-own house by the end of the year

so mote it be.

yesterday was a fantastic day, actually. i slept in, treated myself to lunch at todai's at pioneer place downtown, where i proceeded to eat at least fifty bucks' worth of sushi for $14.95. talk about killer. then i caught a matinee of sweeney todd, and whoever said eight bucks is a decent matinee price was a fucking liar. i got new tires for the Funkmobile, using the money my bio-dad sent me to do that very thing.

i know.

we were talking on the phone the other day and i mentioned how my tires were so bad, i never knew if my next trip would be my last trip. i had my usual fatalistic, dark sanchez humor about it, but he just offered to send me a check and use it to get new tires. "then we can work on your brakes," he said. i was amazed. i told him that he didn't have to. thank you, but it wasn't necessary. he insisted. the polite thing was to be gracious and accept it, and all the while i was just amazed how drastic the changes are since my bio-parents divorced.

a long, long time ago, willow told me to just take it for what it is, no expectations, and go slowly. let unfold whatever will unfold. and now, so many years later, it's unfolding into amazing things.


Jane said...

Well, you know I just love lists. I love being able to cross things off of them even more! Your day yesterday sounds awesome. And the sushi....what a deal!! At that price, I'd be growing fins and smiling at everyone with a full mouth of fish eggs stuck in my teeth!

Congrats on the new tires for the funkmobile!!

Mich said...

Glad to see you're already crossing things off your list!

And isn't the universe great? Ask and ye shall receive.

Great to hear you sounding more upbeat and like yourself again.


Yoga Gal said...

Great goals but what about getting publish? You want to be an author, get publish! Fear not rejection, even JK Rowling got rejected 15 times before her first Harry Potter book was publish! So goal number 1 should be get published! Good luck goddess.