CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): To advertise its upgraded features, the search engine Ask3D.com rolled out a marketing campaign with a seductive catchphrase: "Instant Getification," as in immediately acquiring your desired results. I'm borrowing that mantra, or at least half of it, for your horoscope. Your getification levels will be way up in the coming weeks. That doesn't mean you will instantaneously and automatically obtain everything you crave without any effort. Rather, it suggests that you will have an enhanced power to summon the will and ingenuity and resourcefulness that will help you get what you want.

first off, lemme actually think about what it is i really want. yesterday evening i made a life-altering, tilt-the-world-on-its-axis decision that was perhaps also a symbolic letting go of my dream of careerlovemarriagechildren. now today begins a path completely different. it's still in its embryonic stages, to be perfectly ironic.

of course, late last night a new element entered the picture, so now i suppose the race is on to see if my choice is carried out the way i plan. i'd say more, but this idea is so fresh i know the merest breath could destroy it.

mr. brezsny, i've been chasing what i want with all the power, determination, and single-mindedness i possess. i don't know that i have the endurance for that kind of disappointment. what i wanted is no longer possible. so i suppose what i want now is to simply be at peace with that knowledge, even though i know it's settling for being happy with a consolation prize while someone writes "boob" on your forehead.

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Jane said...

OK, now I can't wait to see how this new direction of yours takes shape. You do realize that if we lived near each other, we'd be slightly dangerous together??!!