lots to say, none which is interesting

...to say the least.

taking my shower earlier, there were actually quite a few topics rolling about in my head like marbles. but really, honestly, i'm so damn tired i really don't give a crap about any of them. i'm so tired i give these jaw-cracking yawns all day long, my brain is dead, and my body feels weak like it's getting sick.

and no, i'm not getting sick.

and yet i can't fall asleep, godsdammit. i dread sleeping, i don't want to do it, because when i wake up i'll have to go to work, and i fucking hate that fucking place right now. i've increasingly hated it over the past few months. and there seems no good way out. my only way out --quitting-- is just another version of an anal rape in the dark over a barrel with sand in the vaseline. indentured servants can't up and quit their jobs.

just fucking transfer me, assholes.


Az said...

I hope you get that transfer soon because I know what it's like to be stuck in a stressful job. It affects your health, drains the life out of you, and then engulfs you in depression. Not good at all. If you can do it, get out of there asap. Best of luck, Sweetie. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Your posts are the furthest thing from "not interesting".
Sorry to hear about the hate-on for your job. I know that feeling of being trapped in a horrible position that does nothing but create feelings of stress/horrors/urge to murder. etc.
Sending you calming thoughts and vibes of transferring you to some place you can thrive.
Hang in there....you always do.
luv ya