pdx: the REAL capital of oregon...

i caught this article over on Forbes.com about the 7 most sinful cities in america. they took the 7 deadly sins, then took the top ten cities per capita.

por exemplo, they took the murder rate for wrath, theft for envy, etc.

what rocks is that portland came out #2 in the category of Lust, second only to denver, CO. of course, before you panic, know that the criteria they used was condom and contraceptive purchase count. so it might not be that portland is the second most sexually active city in the country, but just the most consciencious about safe sex.

the other week i was in the mall with *sy*, and we passed by one of those clothing stores i usually scorn. but in the window display were retro-style shirts, and there was a brown baby doll shirt with pink writing that just made me think, "gods, i LOVE my city!" what did the shirt say? i'll tell you:

welcome to portland. recycle, or we'll kick your ass!

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Az said...

*cracks up* Go Portland!!