once upon a time there was nothing...which exploded

once upon a time there was this little bitty speck of matter bobbing around in Nothing, and the Multiversal Jiggy Snake opened its great big eyes, yawned, and decided to play "pop goes the weasel" with that bitty bit of matter. so it wound up its great big tail and smacked it. and that speck of matter went


...and the Jiggy Snake went, "Wee!" and it was good.

and we floated around the known, newly created universe, hung out as super-heated gases awhile. then we got together and threw a funky, bangin' party and called ourselves stars. then one day, we decided the party was over, and as stars we went


...and the Jiggy Snake went, "Wee!"

then we looked at each other, star stuff going nova. "hey," we said, "let's say we get together and have lunch in about sixty billion years?"

"planet earth?"

"yeah, meet you there."


and it was good.


Anonymous said...


mich said...

Damn you're good!

Az said...

Such style...such flair...such awesomeness. The way you have with words makes me melt. I love you to pieces! *huggles*

Anonymous said...

Oh the pain!!!!!! *cries laughing* I love it!