eat, drink, and be merry...

...for tomorrow i diet.

the other day, during my drug test and physical for the Orkin inspector position, i weighed in at 204 lbs.

this. was. horrifying.

i mean, after having a roomate who was morbidly obese, i saw the disgusting horrors of letting myself go, so it always gave me incentive to keep active and maintain a respectable diet.

but seeing 204 on that old-fashioned, calibrated counterweight scale made me very Not Pleased At All.

so starting tomorrow --the first weekday of a new month-- i'm going all-out. cold turkey quitting all my lovely, lovely carbs. no more eating meat simply because it's convenient for the people around me (and yes, being a vegetarian is DAMN DIFFICULT in a house full of enthusiastic carnivores). no more bagels and cream cheese.


on the other hand, this position at Orkin will give me opportunities that no other job has, simply because of my salary. i plan on going back to total system cleansing (intestinal, kidney, liver), detox flushes, and i have made a promise to myself to work with a personal trainer and nutritionist the moment i have a steady income and have worked out my budget. considering i have 3 job offers, all of which i'm going to take, money will be easy.

and we all know that when delena sets her mind to something, she always gets it.

my goal is not a set number, not a weight or measurement. i know what i want to see in the mirror, and a feeling i want to have when i see my end result in the mirror.

how many people remember linda hamilton as sarah connor in Terminator 2?? or sigourney weaver as ripley in the Alien trilogy? that's my goal: to look as close to my two favorite action heroines as i physically can.

so let's see...i decided to get out of my depressive, self-injuring anti-Funk...and i did.

i decided to create the solid, loving family foundation and only have people in my life that supported and loved me wildly...and i did.

i decided i wanted love in my life...and i do.

i decided to take the next logical steps into the personal development major leagues, including school, networking, and working with professionals...and i did.

now, i'm deciding to sculpt and fashion my body into the most gorgeous, healthy, strong, and beautiful temple for my spirit...and i'm going to do it.

ask any figure in history who made a difference what their secret was, how they accomplished what they set out to do. mother teresa, gandhi, editor-in-chief of the L.A. Times...they all say the same thing:

i just set my mind to it.


Tori said...

Once you make up your mind to really do something the battle is half over! Change is hard, but committing to change is even harder. You'll do it! =D

Genie Sea said...

Good thing frogs are low carb :)

I'm in the same hover craft as you. Let's go! :)I am going for more Lara Croftish :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my freakin' gawd!!! I am eternally grateful that I dragged my sorry fat ass over here today - FINALLY!!
Tostitos, be gone!
I stocked up on every kind of leafy green veggie I could afford on the weekend.
I need to drop 25 lbs of lard, seriously. I've never looked this bad, this overweight in my entire life! My skin is a mess, my hair is gross.
Usually a healthy eater, I have been through the "winter of my discontent" and shovelling the junk food in.

You are my role model, so don't you dare slip!
I just had a cup of hot water & the juice of a half lemon squeezed into it to begin the cleanse.
I'm such a drag at commenting on other blogs, but I vow to be here every morning.
(quitting smoking too, but not all at once - I figure I'd only be setting myself up for failure).