gluten-free funkmaster

after some thinking last week, when my goal to be an Eye-Popping Amazon of Wild Hotness was brewing in the back of my head and my suspicion was growing that this would become my new goal, i returned to exploring shauna's place over at gluten-free girl.

*cc* is obsessed with her anti-carb campaign: Carbs Are Evil, Carbs Must Die. sometimes she talks about gluten really making her feel sluggish for a few days and drags her down. so i explored a little more at gluten-free girl. something about the back cover blurb stuck in my head, and something she'd said in an entry about being so exhausted all the time and wasting her afternoons on the couch with headaches and unable to move.

i thought to myself, "hmm, it's worth exploring." so i bought her book, which arrived yesterday. i'm already finished with it and, dear goddess lemme tell you! she could have been writing about me. now, i realize that a lot of people read her book and say the same thing, and email her and leave comments constantly thanking her for bringing celiac disease to their awareness, etc.

i'm not going to do that, or be one of those people. instead, i'm just going to say here that it gives me hope and that maybe, just maybe, her advice will make the road to my goal that much smoother.

yesterday, i did exactly what i said i would: i bought stuff to make my own homemade chipotle burrito...but with no gluten-free tortillas i've hit a bit of a speedbump. but i made the guac!

now, don't freak or anything, but being mexican i have a little bit of a guilty confession...

...i'd never made guacamole until yesterday.

i know! i know. oi... but yesterday at the supermarket, those hass 'cadoes were staring at me, flirting and seductive with their already-ripe yielding softness. so i brought them home and immediately halved them, saving the pits, and mooshed them up.

whipped them.

then i melted a 1/4 cup of the coconut oil i brought home (i was very happy to find organic, 100% coconut oil, no fillers), and added that to the mushy avocado whip. i added two handfuls of diced red onion, half a bunch of fresh diced cilantro, fresh ground pepper, a bit of salt, and a few splashes of lime juice.

oh. my. gods. it was heaven.

right before lunch today, after the guac had had a chance to nap in the fridge, it tasted even better. GODLY. i fixed myself a salad with spinach, spring greens mix, shaved carrot and fresh shaved ginger root, then put a few heaping, eager, singing glops of that guac into my salad and tossed it all together.




it was so freaking unbelievable! and i used to hate avocadoes. and actually, i still can't stand the texture or taste of a naked avocado, no matter how ripe and in season. but there's just something about the spark and shout of a heap of orgasmically delicious guacamole on a homemade tortilla chip...or in a chipotle burrito. some magical transformation happens in the presence of red onion and cilantro, the finishing, miraculous touch is the vibrant splash of lime juice.

just...oh my gods.

there were also fresh, cold, green grapes for sweetness, and three soup mugs of steaming turkey broth with garlic. i sat down to a two-hour lunch, reading gluten-free girl and knowing every bite i took was a conscious choice for my health.

somehow, knowing that, it made every bite taste even better. more vibrant. and it felt as if i were eating my daily commitment to be an Eye-Popping Amazon, taking it into my body as nourishment as much as the greens, herbs, avocado, coconut...all of it.

it seems so simple, so...i dunno. sounds kinda lame. all it was, was lunch. i fixed a meal, i sat down, i ate it. but something about this afternoon made it real for me. i took that commitment into my body.

i don't think i could fall off the wagon now if i tried.


Genie Sea said...

With a wagon so tasty, who would want to get off?

Yum! :)

It wasn't just lunch. It was an experience! :)

Arty Em said...

and imagine leaving the tired headachy grouchy body behind?
I found out I have Celiac 3 years ago and my life has never been better, gluten be dammed.
have fun enjoying the wonderful gluten free eating out there, and if you are EVER in NYC, go to Rissotteria in Soho for the best best best gluten free pizza EVER.

Jane said...

Sounds so good! I love avocado and I could scoop it right from the skin! Guac simply rocks and it's so easy to make. I like mine with lemon, fresh garlic and sea salt. It just seems to absorb the flavors you mix it with.

My son has Aspergers and I've read tons of articles over the years about how he might behave differently if I removed gluten and red food dye from his diet. It all felt so overwhelming. Now, I'm embracing a healthier eating lifestyle and some of these things feel like they would pleasurable and not such a hassle.

I was so inpired by your words about coconut oil in a recent post that I am off to find some good organic stuff!

Tori said...

I'm glad you are finding delicious recipes to help you through the changes in your diet! I think enjoying the food you eat is very important. That was what made me make so many changes to my diet a few years ago. I found that I just wasn't enjoying the food I was eating.

I tried avocado before, and I hated it. I think this sounds good!

bug said...

Dude. You need to guide that wagon in my direction and pick me up! You totally have me craving fresh guacamole.

And while you're here, I'ma totally make you funk out my blog. I haven't found the motivation to figure it out myself.

megg said...

Hi - I found out I have celiac only a few months ago and the change has been INCREDIBLE. Truly. When I got the diagnoses I got Shauna's book and you are right, I felt like I could have been the girl in the book. All that you leave behind when you got celiac is convenience really - you can't just buy food to eat right away, but once you get over the hurdle of just buying the fake bread, you begin to MAKE FOOD and all of that fresh loveliness is worth it! I feel like a completely different person since cutting it out!

(But you have to keep eating it if you want to go and get a doctor's diagnoses. If you have already stopped the test will come back negative.)

Oh and that guac - there is NOTHING better than guac!