hello...is there anybody out there?

it's been a while since i've been here. lots of things going on, and i've been focusing my writing elsewhere. lots of time and energy have been going into getting ready for the End of March. i know the ides were a few days past, but instead of the 15th looming ahead like the dire warnings of a raving prophet, it's been the 23rd, and the 31st for me.

i finally start that new job with Orkin, so i'm really excited about that. i went to lane bryant today and bought a couple pairs of pants: one for work, and a black pair for me just because they looked so fantastic. i also got fitted for some new bras and realized i'd gone up a cup size!

way to go, girls!

my calendar is spattered everywhere with "cashflow" and "meetup" everywhere. i joined a group on meetup.com for robert kiyosaki's Cashflow game, and it's really fun! not only that, but i'm meeting people who are just as serious as i am about real estate investing. i'm learning so much, and at such a phenominal rate! it makes things feel more possible for me, like what i want to do is not only well within reach, but so close it's almost frightening. i could be leaving work permanently and investing full time within two years. kind of daunting.

but oh, so exciting!

and a couple months ago i ran into an old friend, and so i've been visiting with her and her husband (also a very good friend) and just getting back into the social scene. there are so many great people, and it feels really good to be treated like an intelligent, welcome adult. and being treated like a woman. and no one pounces on me just because i'm unattached, which is a real change of pace.

gluten-free living is doing wonders for me, too. i've been gluten-free for well over a week. the mental fog is gone, as are the debilitating migraines, the joint pain, the hellacious oh-gods-i'm-gonna-puke reflux, and the sinus pressure. i'm sleeping through the night even without my holosync cd's, which is astounding all by itself. and i've already gone down a jean size.

oh. my. goddess!

there's more, but i gotta run. i just wanted to say that i'm still here, i'm still alive, the diet is going strong, and life is beautiful!

i love you all, my lovely iVillage!


Tori said...

Yay! I'm glad your life is going well. I guess gluten-free really agrees with you. I hope life stays beautiful! <3

Brandi said...

I'm truly, truly happy for you girl!!!

Genie Sea said...

Hello Mz Funkalicious Whirlwindess! May you send the real estate market spinning and your little dog too :)

Jane said...

I love the cashflow game! We used to play it at work with my boss. I think every household should have it.