after the ball, and the wonderful life

vampire ball was a blast.

an absolute blast.

i'd post our amateur pictures up on my blog...except that both owners of digital cameras forgot them. i fucking need to buy myself a fucking camera. they're expensive. i'll most likely never own one, not if it means paying hundreds of dollars just for shits and giggles.

on the other hand, i keep kicking myself because i've missed thousands of photo opportunities that i'd have loved to share on this frickin' blog.

but do not despair! there were professional photos taken, which will arrive in about two weeks. i sat for solo pics, purely because a.) i was instructed to by my darling *sy* (whom i've taken to calling "my puerto rico suave," lol) and b.) for photographic proof that my hair looked fucking awesome for one night. there were family pics with me, *cc*, *ds*, and *ks* all together. of course, my lovely *ds* and *ks* got one of them together, and they're just so fucking adorable. and then *cc* and i got one together. we intend it to be a birthday gift for dad later this month.

our exact words to the photographer were, "well, it's gonna be a birthday gift for our dad. he'll absolutely love it, but mom's a bit straight-laced and, well, we wanna scare her." if possible, i'll post our pic up here, just so y'all can have a fall-out-of-your-computer-chair, tears-streaming-down-your-face laugh. we're talking total cheese, flashing fishnet stocking-covered thigh and all.


i came home this afternoon and after my just-sit-home-and-relax "me time" that i usually try to give myself, i got out of the shower, stood in the middle of the living room, and just sighed. *ds* purred at me in question. (we speak in kitty here in our house, remember?) "oh," i said. "it's just..." i searched for words.

"i had a wonderful night's sleep in my wonderful bed, in my wonderful apartment, where i live with my wonderful siblings. i had a wonderful day at work, where i work with wonderful women now --who love me wonderfully-- and even got a wonderful tip." i pointed at the almost-full-pound bag of ghirardelli chocolate squares i was given as a tip today. "i have a wonderful boyfriend, and i have a wonderful family. i just took a wonderful shower, and i'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend." i pet my kitten, rumblestrut, who was purring at me from the top of the cat tree. "yes," i said to him, "i even have a wonderful kitty! now, if we can just have a wonderful dinner..."

"it'll just be a wonderful day?" *ds* finished up.

"that's it exactly," i said. and it is. it's just...it's a wonderful life.


Greggo said...

yay for wonderful lives! plus, it's a great movie too. lol. i'm soooo happy that you're happy again!

have you checked ebay for a relatively cheap digital camera? you could prolly find a fairly decent one (at least good enough for web-posting) for less than $100. or, ya know, you could just pay my way to portland, and i'll follow you around with my d-slr. ;-) i'm only $25 an hour... but for you i'm sure we could work something out...

Anonymous said...

lolwut? I'm just happy to see YOU happy again!!!! Hell, this whole house seems happier with you in it. Life is good!

Jane said...

Sounds so WONDERFUL!!! I want whatever it is that's in your water :)))