CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Check out this excerpt from "Those Who Do Not Dance," by Chilean poet Gabriel Mistral: "God asked from on high,/ 'How do I come down from this blueness?' / We told Him: /come dance with us in the light." I love this passage because it reminds me that nothing is ever set in stone: Everything is always up for grabs. Even God needs to be open to change and eager for fresh truths. Furthermore, even we puny humans may on occasion need to be God's teacher and helper. Likewise, we can never be sure about what lowly or unexpected sources may bring us the influences we require. What do Mistral's words mean to you, Capricorn? Imagine you're the "God" referenced in the poem. What blueness are you ready to come down from, and who might invite you to dance in their light?

i had to sit on this one for quite some time.

the line "even God needs to be open to change and eager for fresh truths," didn't sit well, especially. of course, i set it aside and let my subconscious think about it for me, so i could worry about such things as the Wrath expansion coming out, and my messy apartment, my ribs popping out of their heads and stabbing my lungs while i slept (ow...). y'know, the nice mundane things.

and then...with all the subtlety of a pronoiac miracle, suddenly i woke up and wanted nothing more than to start waking up in the a.m., go to the gym, re-devote myself to business and the grand art of allowing the universe to be wildly in love with me.

and then...just like that...manifested in my reality was a google ad staring me in the face that afternoon --only ten minutes after i'd gotten out of bed-- that led to exactly what i'd been looking for. i just had to make the decision. i just acted. the universe had provided, except this time it threw this chance at me and told me to go long.

i'm still running, and that's the point.

so if i'm god, i was in this blueness and feeling removed from everything, feeling like a failure, feeling detached and unmotivated. i hadn't even considered what bret had suggested. in fact, until he mentioned it, the prospect of being so in touch with nature's cycles that i was reflecting them hadn't even crossed my mind. but i do that. every year. i even get wrinkles, crow's feet at the corners of my eyes and crescent moons around my mouth, the closer we get to yule...that disappear the closer to beltane we get. ever since i'd started following the moon's cycles and really paying attention to the wheel of the year --with its seasons corresponding to our holidays-- this has been a regular thing that happens every year. and yet every fall i always forget, and i'm always surprised when i slow down and start to shut down.

thanks for reminding me, bret. you're a doll and i luv ya!

but i think i was also like the people God was talking to, in my horoscope. the real me, the Funkywild, the pronoiac in me. i was calling myself over to dance in the light. i really wanted to. i wanted to get out of my unFunk, out of the quagmire i was exhausting myself trying to slug through.

i also decided to combat it inside my body as well, not just in my mind and spirit. so i went over to the wonderiffic and utterly miraculous dr. schulze and bought his basics for cleansing and detox. i'm long overdue, and i think that's a huge contributor to my sluggish lackluster, and my fatigue. well, that, and all the taco hell i find myself recently addicted to. gotta cut that out.

so i'll still follow the seasons, still hibernate a bit this fall...but in history, this was also the time our ancestors (and not even all that long ago) were attending to the final details of bracing for the winter. they packed away, stored, provisioned, got out the heavy boots and thick blankets, and in general dug in for the winter. well, i'm gonna dig in, too. only i'm gonna make provisions and dig in and get serious about Freedom Revolution. i'm gonna use the quietude of fall and winter to connect with my body and get cozy with the idea of warm socks, wool afghans, and serious business practices.

...and i'm gonna let in the light for my mind. spiders and dust bunnies were starting to accumulate in the corners.

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