y'know tagging's illegal in some states...

so this guy tagged me. he really is a great guy, this guy. but bret, you stinker! so now i have to play the game.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

oi vey...random things about me? what if you've been dubbed the Random Queen of Zaney WTF? by friends, and "wow, that was random..." is as common to hear as, "hey, dee, wassup?"

hmm...random things about me...

1.) i can stick my whole fist in my mouth. the whole thing. just...don't even ask how i found this out...

2.) my li'l sis *t* and i (and sometimes my li'l bro *aj*) text each other with random movie quotes or lines from songs. we've exchanged entire songs this way, from the time warp to willy wonka, the amazing chocolatier, and even quotes from the princess bride and other fun movies we enjoy. it's a fun game; i highly recommend it. lots of inside-jokes and memorable memories come to the fore. yup yup.

3.) i still love (and have a small collection of) stuffed animals. "my stuffies," i call them. quite a few of them are dragons...surprise surprise. one of them's a hand puppet; a 3-headed hydra, whose names are Tiberius, Thelonius, and Bob. yeah, you heard me right: Bob.

4.) my sexy, mean strap-on queen sheree drew me this lovely picture of me as a mermaid --a huge smile on my face-- with the Funk in one hand, and my little joymines in the other. i still have it.

5.) i really do want pink go-go boots...

6.) my bio-dad used to call me la amazona, and used to say i was born to the wrong family. i should've grown up in a log cabin deep in the woods somewhere, and someday i was gonna grow up to marry me a mountain man and have strapping, paul bunyan children. every year when fall comes around, when the leaves are vibrant yet piling up in drifts on the side of the road and carpeting everything you see to the horizon...when nights grow longer and days grow colder, greyer, wetter... when the parkas and the flannel and the thick-soled boots come out...when men neglect to shave because it's warmer that way (which i don't mind, because facial hair is so effing sexy)...i always grin, or flat-out laugh to myself because i remember what he used to say. i can hear his voice calling me "amazona," and i say to myself, "mountain man..." look where i ended up living! while totally in left field about a lot of aspects about me, his firstborn, on that one i'd say he was pretty dead on.

....just don't know where ima marry me a mountain man.


....now comes the part mas dificĂ­l: actually tagging six people.

1. azzy, the Ultimate RP'er of Frakking DOOM. omg. her mad rp skillz will leave you sobbing and hiccupping, complete with snot running down your face, as you realize just what an utter n00b you are compared to her uberiffic awesome-liciousness of RP mastery. in other moods, i also call her my muse, and sometimes my idol. when i grow up, i wanna be as cool as she is. you merely look at her, and you are knocked back by the mystic power of her pwnage.

azzy, sugar baby honey pie, you effing rock.

2. my greggo. i think he's the only man i've been so devotionally and solidly in love with for the longest time in my life -- evar. honestly, what else can you say about your best friend who truly has been a best friend? we've run the gamut of emotions and stages in a deep friendship, struggled with issues that really only brought out the issues we were struggling with inside our own selves. can't stand each other, bicker, fight, hurt, love, compliment, bolster, support, listen, cry, tease, aggravate, give... been there, done that. i might not be in love with some of his choices, especially not his choice to shackle himself to a cold fish i have to force myself not to insult at any opportunity. i don't love his tendency to be drawn to sick women with Issues. i can't stand that he refuses to entertain the possibility of believing that he can outshine the stars. but...i love him. he's my greggo. and all those things i can't stand come with the package, and make him the man i've been in love with longer than any other man in my life. and there's so much about him i love that i think i'll just spend the rest of our friendship naming them all.

how's that for commitment and devotion, babe? i fucking love you...

3. nydia, nydia...oh, how i love nydia! nydia the craft-art lady. and that's "craft" in both senses of the word, wink wink. she's just so phenominal, and i love watching her work. she brings the spirit of witchcraft home like few people i know. and she's so brilliantly creative and confident, self-aware, and her mind is just fascinating. i love creative people. they get my own juices simmering. with nydia? it's steam!

4. goddess leonie. when they say a picture is worth a thousand words, they don't remember to think about leonie. what happens when you see a picture and it takes your breath away? what happens when you see a picture and words are stolen from you so you can't even remember how to speak? longing and wonderment and joy and inspiration so deep and raw is why they invented art, and music, and dance. some things just can't be expressed in words. every time i visit there, i walk away reminded of how special i truly am.

5. divalicious mich. i want her centeredness. hands down. want want want. but it's not an envious want. it's more i simply look up to her and wonder what secret she knows that keeps her so...centered. and even though we've never talked, i can almost hear her inside my head...laughing at me...telling me that i already know that there is no great and wonderiffic secret to know. she'd tell me i already know, and i'm rockin', too. she's just so Funktastic like that.

6. jane in the painted house. if i'm ever in her neck of the woods and craving a cuppa java, fresh air, and a walk in-around-and-about those cute little stores off the beaten path, i can bet she'd be game for it and our day would be filled with so much fun, laughter, and trading old war stories for our own entertainment. you know, because we're such rockin' hot, divalicious soul masters now that we can laugh at our own fucktardedness. this woman rocks. she's been through so much, and lifted herself so high. there's no award high enough the human race has to offer. and i love her gift with a camera. she's so brave and real in front of it. i'm not quite there yet. but it's another thing (of MANY!) to admire about her.

(7. and boho mom, you know i luv ya. i'm one of your biggest fans. i'd have tagged you, too, but you already got yourself good and tagged. but MWAH! *blows kisses*)

there. i've done been tagged.


Jane said...

Being able to put your whole fist in your mouth is Hawt with a capital H.... :)))) I'll just use me imagination about that little discovery ;)

I am dying for a pair of go-go boots....damn we could stroll the town together!

Anonymous said...

love your list and miss you lots!
I'm just going a little crazy lately, that's all.
I'll be back soon.

I wanna stuffed dragon!!! how cool is that?!?!

This Guy said...

HAHAH That is AWESOME! I'm glad you FINIALLY did the TAG!! Even if it took you like 8 months to get around to it! LOLOL

So, the whole fist in the mouth eh? Ummm... Yeah... Not going to comment about that.. lol However I will say I wish I could! lol