for you, boho...

so boho mom's comment about wanting dragon stuffies got me thinking... i was like, "dude, it's so easy to find them. they're everywhere!" of course, if i came home with every single dragon stuffie i laid eyes on, i'd have no money for everything else. especially considering some of the prices i find attached to them. but they're wonderful, i love them, and i give each and every single one i have a loving home.

everyone knows they can't ever go wrong giving me a dragon stuffie. it's even better than ice cream...

so i give to you, my dearest bohippian funkmaster of the dancing gypsy feet....my dragons.

this is with my camera phone, so they're not fantastic. but there they are,
all six of them.
(hehe, you can also see a corner of one of my anime wall scrolls;
that particular one's cowboy bebop.)

the big blue one's named mungo. his story has a happy ending,
but its beginning was sad: he sat at the store, alone and unwanted,
for 8 months after all his other friends were bought and taken home.
i looked at him, and he smiled and told me his name, and it was,
"okay, buddy, you're coming home with me." mungo's so cute. he makes me laugh.

yes, those are hearts on sweetheart's tummy. she was my valentine's day
gift to myself. she looks like a pink hippo in this pic until you
realize her wings are pearlescent and therefore kinda blend with my pillow...

and there they are, my trio of trouble:
tiberius, thelonius, and bob.
they rock.

of course, those are just my stuffies. those don't include my infinite army of figurines, mugs, pendants, pictures, and books. and not all of my stuffies or figures have names.

of course, dragons are kinda like that. when they're good and ready, they'll let you know what they want you to call them. like, thelonius is always changing his name. he's been 'philitetes,' and 'higerion,' and 'agamemnon,' to name a few. even this morning he said he wanted to be called 'archimedes' now. oi vey...

and i have a pair of candle holders, and they're just "the twins," or "the boys." that's all they'll tell me. and boy, they've been through the ringer! they've survived fire, five moves, and the loss of limbs. *mj* fashioned little prosthetic fingers for them out of his modeling clay, after one move knocked a few off and they disappeared in moving foam and chaos. they were always grumpy to begin with, but now they're downright surly. i love 'em...

dragons. i love them, and they love me.

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