countdown, and countUP

this is iGoddess post #399. next post is whopping #400 which means...absolutely nothing. other than the fact that i've had this blog over a year and my average is less than one post a day. my first reaction is to say, "kinda blah, don'cha think?" but then again, i suppose it's better than being one of those people that talks all the time but really doesn't have anything to say. all iGoddess really is, is peeking through an open window into the inside of dee's wonderlicious and zany mind.

also...today's tuesday. T-minus 3 days and counting. maybe. details pending.


Greg said...

i, for one, love to peek into your amazing mind. :-)

nice cliffhanger ending, btw... lol.

This Guy said...

AHHHH!! I can't wait to read #400! :) It means something to me! :) You have wonderfully inspiring posts that I look forward to reading all the time!