what a cute little universe...

yesterday and today i spent a huge chunk of time on a new business model, including a new domain name, auto-responders, and massive, massive training. i decided to be my own agent of change, a wellspring from which magical manifestation of Funkalicious determination, drive, and faith bursts forth like a tropical hot springs geyser of Divine Yayness.

and i've been working on a lot, and not just from the business side. i've been making the slow change from utter nocturnalism to diurnal tendencies again. i'm headed back for the gym, working on pilates for my back. and i'm working on the mental shift to get out of the unmotivated quagmire that's had me for the last couple of months.

...and then the universe sends me this awesome little sticky note:

Investment Advice for Turbulent Times

Kindness pays HUGE dividends, Delena, materially and ethereally, forever and ever.

Love on,
The Universe

Live longer, laugh louder, sell more widgets, Delena.

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a space cow-girl said...

rock on positive changes!!!

sending support and encouragement~