CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): This would be a perfect moment to send 100 roses to someone you love. Oddly enough, it'll also be an excellent time to send 100 roses to someone you love to hate. In other words, the karmic ledger needs to be kept in balance. You've got to make sure that all the opposites in your life are given their proper due. Each side of every paradox deserves your equal attention. What's the payoff? An exotic and lyrical brand of harmony will be yours if you expand your mind to encompass the yin of every yang, and vice versa.

this is in keeping, mr. brezsny, with my theme lately of juxtapositions. of not all-or-nothing, but of both-and-together. of at-the-same-time. because gosh darn it, that's just what juxtaposition means.

i AM passion. i'm also A juxtaposition. those that can handle it have a blast being in my life. those that can't? well, they call me hypocrite, but they're fucktards anyway and who needs them?

however...as i think about it...there's no one that i love to hate. i don't love hating anybody. in fact, i quite dislike it. it actually hurts when i hate, and i get sick and depressed, and generally all-around blah. but there's some people out there i can't let go of my hatred for, and i suppose that just shows i'm still human. fantabulous, yes, but also fallible.

perhaps this is still the Year of Secrets, but so far this is turning into the Week of Juxtaposition. this is delena coming to you live from the Land of Simultaneous Opposites.

it's funny. not funny ha-ha, but funny y'know-this-is-something-i've-kinda-half-noticed-all-my-life funny. i've always been a one of each kind of girl. a yes-and-no kind of girl. i choose C when the choices are A or B. my favorite answer in multiple choice tests was always "D: all of the above." i'm mexican and american both: a regular coconut - brown on the outside, white on the inside. har har. i'm my bio-father's daughter, and yet i'm not.

in magic, i'm the place where earth meets water. i'm that indefinite coastline what's always changing. i'm the place between day and night, the doorway between two rooms. i'm the place between matter. it's always been my power, the place that is all places and no place. some call it Void. others call it dark goddess. i simply call it my place.

perhaps what mr. brezsny is telling me is that i need to pay attention to all of me. imbalance only engenders disharmony, and disharmony is cacophony...and who needs all that racket in their life? certainly not me.

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Anonymous said...

I dunno. I think you're a perfectly balanced goddess between the proverbial simplicity of black & white.
At any rate, you ROCK, just the way you are.