what's that word again?

from the oxford-delena dictionary


1. extreme excitement
2. totally revved about something
3. uncontainable passion and/or jubliation
4. what delena is right now, and what every single avid reader and fan of the Funk should be!!

delena got a car!! yes, beauty and truth fans, iGoddess has a vehicular mascot!!!

i'd love to write more, and i will, just not now. from now until probably saturday afternoon, iGoddess is going dark. i was in Bend, OR this weekend getting my car, and tonight i'll be somewhere, and tomorrow night i'm taking said new car to visit *m*, which is a nine-hour drive. or, well, four hours if you drive the way he does...

but yeah, so i'll be unavailable of the internet for the next few days. i'll be home friday, but i'll be working until closing time, and then i'll be dropping dead to sleep so i can then open up shop the following morning.


so yeah, i'll be wishing for death, but i'm telling myself it's worth it. =)



Greggo said...

congratulations, babe! have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

oh. my. gawd.
dying...DYING of envy! My life just hasn't been the same since "Christine" my Tempo died.
The universe IS conspiring to shower you with blessings and look at them all!
Enjoy your road trip, enjoy the freedom, love the car, adore the car, respect and appreciate the car.
Embellish it with cute little accessories like a patchouli air freshener and a "Revolutionary Freedom Fighter" bumper sticker. Burn nag-champa incense in the car, it's the best! Enjoy your weekend, my dear.
Be safe, have fun with *m*, and if you have any trouble, go all "Thelma & Louise" on their asses!
See ya when you get back!

Mich said...

OMG ... I swear Boho Mom channels me some times ... damn it! Damn it! I hate it that you guys share the same time zone :-/ I feel SO alone *smirk*

Any-hoo ... you get out there girl ... I miss you ... but I give you this ... I just want your bony butt back online so I can get another fix!

Love to you!

Az said...

Whoo-hooo! Congrats on the new car. Have fun on your little break away. :D

Anonymous said...

ummm...July 13th
What's that word again?
oh yeah...PARK
Park the damn car...quit running the roads...get back here!
We miss you and waiting to hear all about your roadtrip!!!