and that's all ima say about that

"doing the right thing is only difficult when surrounded by fucktards."

my last post received a lot of positive feedback, to be honest. it makes me feel good to know my sight was true, and that as i become more honest with myself and more in alignment with Delena of the Funky Wild, my intuition is coming through loud and clear...and accurate. though i really hated being right in this instance, i know it was the right thing to do. the only person who gave me grief about doing the right thing was, naturally, a fucktard.

and no, he's not a fucktard because he doesn't agree with me. lots of people in my life completely disagree with me about 99.9% of life in general. but i get along with them because they have integrity. they're honest with themselves. they're true to themselves. they have the same intolerance for dysfunction i do, and the same grasp on the topics of character, emotional maturity, and the simple fact not all opinions are created equal.

and no, that's not a PC statement. the opinion that skin color and gender matters and civil rights should be outlawed does not have the same weight or value as the opinion a person should be judged on their merits, accomplishments, and character. i'm sorry, but it just doesn't. same goes for when fucktards open their mouths.

emotional dysfunction, juvenile self-righteousness, and unenlightened opinions denote a certain lack of growth that grown-ups have. in business and finance, it's the people with the best financial statements who carry weight. my opinion would be worth crap in that world, and i know it. my opinion is not created equal. in the personal growth arena where it means something to live a healthy, functional life in integrity, fucktards are stupid children who need to keep their mouths shut about things they know nothing about. and they definitely should have neither right nor room to be telling me how to live my life or giving me advice. children do not make suggestions to grown-ups.

it may sound arrogant, but in this field, ladies and gentlemen, i am a grown-up. i'm no thunder walker yet, but i do know a hell of a lot more than most people. and the more i learn, the more i grow and apply myself, the more i shed hypocrisy and self-delusions and fear, the smaller my crowd becomes.

this is as it should be. this lifestyle is not for cowards, or the tepid half-assed wannabes. this is hardball. less than one percent of high school atheletes ever get to play professional sports. it takes a certain caliber of athelete. the same can be said of living life with a solid character, living with integrity, living with courage and challenging fear, hypocrisy, and limitations.

lower caliber does not a fucktard make. i repeat: being unable to achieve that higher caliber of character does not make you a fucktard.

however, continuing to make stupid choices despite being shown a better, healthier way, or spitting in the face of someone wiser than you, or presuming to give advice to someone who knows how to do things better than you does make you a fucktard and you should sit down before you hurt yourself.

it may sound vicious and completely uncompassionate. it may sound totally discordant with the Funky Jive. it's not. this is the Year of the Funky Wow. love is alive and well in the universe, and life is bursting everywhere.


the ice caps are melting, rainforests are being slash-and-burned into oblivion, and stars are going supernova all the time. Kali the Destroyer and Lilith the Night Mother are also alive and well and compassionately wiping out that which has lived out its usefulness. evolution continues. survival of the fittest will make sure that which refuses to grow to its fullest promise will be killed and eaten, its energy given to those who would use it.

and i will continue to grow. one day i will achieve the dalai lama's caliber, and i will shake my head at myself today as i remember how frustrated i was. after all, right here right now, the dalai lama's not in my face trying to get me to understand the world as he understands it. he doesn't care that i'm not there yet. and if i never get there in this lifetime, that's okay, too.

one day i'll stop caring that everyone i love can't reach this caliber. i see where i'm going, and i can see how fantabulous it is, and i want everyone to go with me. it's their stubborn insistence to holding onto their dysfunctional, fucktard ways that make me scream with frustration. there's no reason for them to drown in their own stupidity, but they continue to choose to do it for whatever reason. i can't understand it. it's such a diseased way of thinking that i actually get physically nauseated trying to wrap my brain around their fucktard motives.

i just can't do it. but i want so badly to help them wake the fuck up, and i try so hard. i try for years. i don't know why i insist on trying, on drowning on my own brand of fucktardness.

so i stopped. it was making me miserable, i saw i could live another way, and i took the better path. it means turning my back on a lot of people. that's okay. i have to sacrifice a little of my naivete, but that's okay. wisdom is the power of discernment, and the ability to make the best use of knowledge and discretion. it's collective knowledge and the ability to utilize it to best possible effect. naivete is the opposite, lacking knowledge and experience, and displaying a lack of judgement.

even mother theresa didn't live with the afflicted, the downtrodden, and the victims. she ministered to them, yes, lived among them and gave them succor. but she didn't live with them and let them weigh her down with their hopeless victim mentalities. there's a difference.

and that's all ima say about that.


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Oh no - now you've done it. I've been using "fucktard" all week.