delena: college student extraordinaire

i just got back from a meeting with my academic advisor. it was so exciting! in my placement testing, i had perfect scores in the Reading and Writing portions. what i learned is that i could actually test out of the writing prerequisites for my major.

killer! i was quite proud of myself, to be honest. but to be entirely truthful, the test was so out-of-mind easy...

but what an eye-opener! faires and vendors in the College Center building, flyers everywhere offering everything imaginable: trips, tutoring, jobs, workshops, performances, The Vagina Monologues... i don't remember my last sojourn into college being so excitingly bombastic, but i'm sure it had to be.

i sent *t* a text while there:
me: omfg, school is so much fun! :)
*t*: i thought u didn't start yet
me: i didn't. i just had my academic advisory mtg. but omg! and flyers everywhere, programs, workstudy... So much awesomeness!
*t*: i didnt realize how xciting that could b
me: it is! so many groups and programs offering help, and jobs, and getting to know ppl, and just a whole new adventure! it's hella thrilling. :)

maybe it's just me. there are so many more opportunities i see here now, and it's all being offered to me! just like that! i can't wait to finally jump in feet first as a student, to really immerse myself into all this wonderful collegiate atmosphere, and to really challenge myself and see what i'm capable of.

my first goal is an A average. that'll be easy to begin and maintain, especially in the beginning. since i'm paying for my own tuition, i don't think i'll be able to take more than two classes this semester, maximum. considering it's 70$ per unit, prolly more like just one class...

*disappointed sigh* but on the bright side, i'm a college student again!

...yeah, this is definitely part of my Funk.

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