wacky wordle whismy of wowable works

i made this over at wordle, a place where you cut-and-paste your text, or enter a URL to a site, and it will create a word cloud of the most oft-used words in the piece. the larger the word in the collage, the more it's used.

of course, i immediately thought of iGoddess. i thought for sure the largest word would be "funk" or "funky," followed closely by "iGoddess."

it was fun, though. the words jumped out at me, individual in the word cloud, but something began to happen the moment my eyes saw this funkalicious word of art. (and no, that wasn't a typo.) i began to see phrases.

phrases like, "make love," and "get funky!" and "everyone is family around you." it was incredible. then more phrases jumped out at me. "sometimes emotional" and "free opinion!" and "just one love." i especially loved "power friends" and "new living."

hell, fear, struggle, and stupid were all clustered together. then again, so were caliber, integrity, friend, strength, thankful, faith, talk, hold, and might. all together, just hangin' out like they belonged together.

"little people always want everything," jumped out at me, too. and it's totally true.

i just may have to wordle iGoddess every so often, kind of like making a bouquet of my thoughts. i do enough pruning in my life, why not make a few bouquets as well?

Wordle: Got Funk?

(PS. i just saw another one: just let love make things funky. hells yeah!)

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