the demon children

so word had gotten around at work that delena was looking to adopt a couple of kitties. of course, it's also old news that delena is moving, and there's a bit of financial hardship because of it. hence, the not being able to adopt the kitties i wanted from our cat adoption center inside our store.

of course, one of the myriad girls in my salon was trying to find homes for kittens her horny-ass cat had given birth to a couple of months ago. so, naturally, she offered me kittens.

now, i had not wanted kittens. and i had originally not wanted two felines to begin with. however, *m* had seen a kitty at the adoption center that totally suckered him, and we just started operating under the assumption that we would be living with four felines in our house.

so this girl from my salon brings by these two little sisters for me to check out. of course, she just had to say they were inseparable at home, always playing with each other and that they look for each other if one's not in the same room with the other. *rolls eyes and sighs* so, naturally, i couldn't be Big Bad Delena and rip the two sisters apart only to toss one into the wild that is my apartment, let her get used to it for a month, and then rip her away only to toss her in with *m*'s anti-social freakazoid cat loki, and his dowager empress bitch, her highness ashlee.
what? i'm not that cruel...

so i took them both home.

...i said i wasn't cruel. i never said i wasn't a sucker.

of course our mafia twins, andrew and harley, were all goose-eyed and puffed up. like they'd never seen a kitten before. hell, it wasn't too long ago that they were the runts of the house. glanze, *mj*'s cat, got all insecure and kept trailing around her daddy. "daddy, daddy. look at me, i'm cuuute. daddy. daddy! you still love me, right? daddy. ...daddy...?" and mookie, our king of the crow's nest, was just like, "*sniff, sniff* hmm, too small to play with, too small to annoy me. whatever."

i'm waiting for them to tell me their names, but after one night of games such as, "FEET ARE EVIL! THE FEET MUST DIIIIIIE!" and "DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!" *plop on delena's sleeping head from the headboard* i'm thinking that the tri-color sister will be dubbed "Ling," short for "Chitterling," which is, so i am told, a Minor Demon of Annoyance. don't let her cuteness fool you. she's evil.

i still don't know what ling's sister's name is, although if she keeps up as she is, she might very well be "Azrael," if not "Andariel." greeeat...both my fuzzy feline children will be named after demons.

heh. demon children...


Az said...

Omfg, they're ADORABLE! I want to huggle them. Remember, there's nothing like a couple of demons to spice up your life. *snicker*

Az said...

PS: Love the new layout for your blog.

Ravyn said...

Oh they would get along so great with Liam...he's become really big into the all feet must die. Oooo that's it, we'll set up play dates so that we can all get some kitten free time. I'm sure Liam would just love to add 'wack-a-mole' with Voodoo to their list of games.

Anonymous said...

Demon children come in all species but at least feline demons are cute all the time. LOL