fall cleaning

i have a dirty mind.

yeah, you read that right. i got a dirty mind!

for two whole freakin' months i've been so dang preoccupied with this stupid move that it's literally dominated every aspect of my life. waking, sleeping, eating, and breathing this move.

i need to deep-clean and de-clutter the delena brain.

did you know that today was a fabulously gorgeous day in the pacific northwest? in my neighborhood it was a brilliant 66 degrees F. the sky shocked with its corduroy blueness, clear and crisp in the west. so clear that driving home felt like driving in a work of acrylic-come-alive artwork, with the hills in lake oswego sillhouetted in ash-green and kelly, with the salmon orange sunlight melting over everything and sparkling on the creeks and windows like liquid gold. it scintillated and laughed as i drove by, listening to the monkeys sing about being a believer.

i crave whole grains and crisp autumn vegetables, hard cheeses and crunchy walnuts. i want to curl up beside the kitties on the futon with my freshly crocheted afghan with the funky fringe, with my hard-working hands warming themselves around a cup of my spicy mexican hot chocolate or mulled cider. my fingers itch for the crochet needle and the feel of soft wool threading between my fingertips. i long to wake early in the morning, before the sun, and jog four miles just to feel the blood sing through my veins, to feel the sensation of running (even if aided by a machine, since my own crooked spine prevents real running...) and the freedom of movement.

strangely enough, i feel something inside me awakening with the coming of autumn and the feast of Harvest Home. there is much abundance and Funky blessings in my life, and i am thankful for all of them.

...today was a beautiful day.

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Anonymous said...

What a delicious and cozy post!
The imagery is fabulous...It makes me want to come over and hang out at some outdoor spot, sharing a thermos of hot chai tea, and crocheting throws for the coming winter.
I am so happy for you...I really am.
A long time ago, you posted "the universe is conspiring to shower me with blessings" :)